The VikingsTerritory Breakdown – More DEEP Draft talk w/ Josh Frey of

Vikings Territory Breakdown Podcast
Vikings Territory Breakdown Podcast: Joe Oberle and Mark Craig

On this VERY special episode of ‘The VikingsTerritory Breakdown’, KDLM Radio’s Hit (we assume?) sports radio show (every Wednesday night at 7pm Central), the Joes are joined by Josh Frey of and the upcoming!

The fellas break down EVERYTHING you’ll need or want to know about the upcoming draft including the impact of the recent Jeff Gladney news on the roster/draft position, who the Vikings both could and should take at 14, the top non-Trevor Lawrence QBs, Josh’s thoughts on moving Ezra Cleveland to left tackle, and SO much more!

Give the show a listen and you’ll know why people in Detroit Lakes LOVE them some VT Breakdown and follow us on social media!

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