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The VikingsTerritory Breakdown- Is Rudolph the First Domino/Viking to fall?

Listen to the full show to hear Joe J get replaced by an Alien!

The VikingsTerritory Breakdown – Kyle Rudolph the first Viking to Fall?

On this very special episode of The VikingsTerritory Breakdown the Joes and McNiff break down the Kyle Rudolph news top to bottom. From his legacy, our personal interaction(s) with him, the TE position moving forward for the Vikings, etc.

We apologize for the audio issue on Joe J’s end! We replaced our main recording equipment save for the microphone which has been replaced so stay tuned for next week with crystal clear audio (which, considering Joe’s pessimism, may actually not be the best thing for the show!)).

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Introducing our new RADIO show! VikingsTerritory Breakdown w/ The VT Joes, Mike Tice and Wobby [1st Episode]


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