skoLOL: The Garbage Time Kids

Each week, local comedian/writer/Vikings fan stops by to drop a new skoLOL Top Ten list! This week, it’s a doozy!

10. This game was so irrelevant it got a sympathy card from MC Hammer.

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9. For the first time all season, the number of fans in the stands felt about right.

8. A game in an empty stadium is a little less weird in Detroit because it matches the rest of the city.

7. You’d think Detroit would have a competitive advantage during the COVID season since the whole city has been on a ventilator for decades.

6. This game would have been better if all the players were on Zoom.

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5. Mike Zimmer considered resting his starters until he realized there were only four of them.

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4. The offenses traded blows all day. The defense just blew.

3. The Vikings defense doubles as a COVID test. Because if you can’t smell them from here, you probably have COVID.

2.No wonder COVID is a problem in the NFL. These guys cannot figure out how masks work. Chris Spielman did a sideline interview in a mask so small I thought I was on his OnlyFans page.

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1. The Vikings’ season isn’t totally over, though. We can still hope for something bad to happen to Green Bay.