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Sansevere: Minnesota needs to draft a WR in the 1st-Round

Sansevere’s Nano-Column returns!

Will he do it again?

Will Mike Zimmer push to draft another cornerback in the first round?

With the legal mess Jeff Gladney is in and Zimmer’s obsessive-compulsive proclivity for drafting cornerbacks, you know damn well it could happen.

But should it?

The addition of veteran kick-ass cornerback Patrick Peterson should put Zimmer in a stand-down mode when it comes to selecting another CB high in the draft.

If I’m Zimmer, I’d want a sure thing because I may not be around in 2022 if 2021 sucks. So I want a kid who comes in and immediately makes an impact that increases the probability of winning games and battens down my job security.

Which is why, if I’m Zimmer, I take whichever of these three wide receivers still is available: LSU’s Ja’Marr Chase, Alabama’s DeVonta Smith or ‘Bama’s Jaylen Waddle.

Each is a stud. Each could have the kind of impact Justin Jefferson did as a rookie.

If the offensive line is a crap show once again, having another elite pass-catching option for Kirk Cousins isn’t a maybe. It’s a must.

If all three wideouts are gone, then go to a Plan B. But if one of them is there, don’t think about it, just snatch him up. Go with Plan WR.

Bob Sansevere hosts The BS Show, a daily podcast that also is broadcast on radio stations in Duluth (KDAL), Hibbing (WNMT) and St. Cloud (WBHR).

Joe Johnson

Joe Johnson started back in 2015 & in 2019, and purchased before the 2017-18 season , used to write for and is the host of the ’Morning Joes’ & ‘About the Labor’ Podcasts, as well. Follow on Twitter: @vtPTSD

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Richard Beckish
Richard Beckish
25 days ago

Sansevere is full of BS – or at least he knows NOTHING about the Vikings. We have two stellar wideouts plus a dangerous tight end and a RB that catches passes to boot – but none of them will do us any good if the QB is on his backside. What the Vikings need is a guard and a tackle in that order. They don’t need another 1st round CB, nor a WR, nor a linebacker – they need OFFENSIVE LINEMEN.

25 days ago

Stupid, stupid, stupid idea (I feel less guilty about saying this to a professional than I would to another fan). We run a balanced offense with a heavy dose of two-TE and two-RB sets, and the last time a WR3 got even 70 targets was in 2016, and instead of investing a first round draft pick in the OL, or in a still somewhat justifiable move, in the DL, secondary, LB corps or even at QB, we should waste one on a wide receiver who will be lucky to see even 50 targets as a rookie? And who cares if Cousins is under pressure on 30% of his dropbacks, or gets sacked 40 times, give or take, that doesn’t hurt the offense a bit!

Hey, how’s about we try to draft a tight end or a running back in the first, if we really want to go redundant? Or maybe a placekicker, punter or long snapper?

Draft a wideout no higher than the 3rd, although I think the 4th would be fine.

Tom Combs
Tom Combs
25 days ago

I would select Rondale Moore if he is available.He is a game changer like Tyreke Hill and if we don’t it won’t surprise me one bit if Green Bay takes him and makes our lives miserable with him and Devante I get where Bob is coming from

25 days ago


Craig R Jones
Craig R Jones
24 days ago

I agree with Bob. Adam Thielen is getting older and has a huge contract. Don’t get me wrong I love Thielen, always have but a rookie contract is much smaller than the one Thielen has, and let’s not forget, it’s a business.

22 days ago

I agree, take the best player available instead of reaching for a o-line. If a top tackle doesn’t land at 14, take best player and trade for Brown Jr.

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