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Sansevere: Darrisaw/Draft “Excitement” and Vikings Fans Desperation Go Hand-in-Hand

A Minnesota Sports LEGEND returns to 'Reply All' to all the 2 a.m. Emails he received from his last piece

Note: This preface is a continuation of Bob’s last Nano-Column, which you can read HERE.

You can also listen to Bob and Joe discuss this and the Vikings’ Draft on Bob’s daily radio show, ‘The BS Show’ Here!

Vikings fans are not stupid and they’re not gullible, but some of them are desperate — desperate in their hope and belief that Rick Spielman turned the team into a Super Bowl contender with his pickups in the NFL draft.

The Vikings needed a left tackle. ‘Ol Rick got one in the first round. Never mind that one of the raps against Christian Darrisaw is that he can be “too nonchalant at times,” according to Kirk Cousins must be thrilled to hear the guy protecting his blind side can be nonchalant … at times.

The Vikings needed a quarterback for the future. RIck got one of them in the third round. There’s a reason Kellen Mond lasted until the third round and it’s not because he’s the next Patrick Mahomes. and no team but the Vikings was smart enough to see that.

The Vikings also needed an outside linebacker and left guard and, lo and behold, Rick got them, too, and much more by using all those third- and fourth-round picks.

Rick said the third and fourth rounds were loaded, What else was he going to say? He didn’t have a second-round pick and he had to put a positive spin on that.

When you’re a fan and your team hasn’t been to a Super Bowl in more than four decades you can get desperate, desperate enough to believe Rick Spielman suddenly morphed into a drafting savant and mastermind.

BS Show host Bob Sansevere and Vikings Territory owner/editor Joe Johnson delve into these topics and more in their weekly segment for The BS Show.

Joe Johnson

Joe Johnson started back in 2015 & in 2019, and purchased before the 2017-18 season , used to write for and is the host of the ’Morning Joes’ & ‘About the Labor’ Podcasts, as well. Follow on Twitter: @vtPTSD

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Doug Keiser
Doug Keiser
1 month ago

What was the point of this article? It had no point except to blame the fans for being excited for a professional sports team’s future. Why should we be pessimistic in supporting an entertainment venue? And it seems like you’ve only done surface level research on Darrisaw to confirm your biases. His coaches rave about him, his trainers rave about him, and he has all the tools to be dominant. Didn’t let up a single sack or qb hit last year. Was toughened up by going to a military academy before going to college. And has been adamant that the work starts now for him and he needs to continue to get better. This is just a lazy article trying to justify the last shitty article he wrote. Oh and if Kirk wants to complain about having a “nonchalant” guy playing left tackle he should be playing left tackle because it’s clear he doesn’t care about the team. And not to mention a week ago there wasn’t a left tackle, maybe Kirk would’ve preferred to only have four offensive lineman? And what, you wanted the team to mortgage the future to trade up for Trevor or Zach or someone? That would’ve been really smart. Or fields? That would’ve cost the future too with Kirk still taking up 40 million in cap. At least kellen mond has the tools to put together to be a competent qb at literally decimals of what competent Kirk makes in two years. And not to mention the excitement of a somewhat athletic quarterback, because at the end of the day football is just entertainment. I guess all Vikings fans should hose it in and throw away their Vikings gear because it was a “terrible” draft. This article makes you seem more of a dumbass than the last

Jon tatler
1 month ago

No surprise, it’s Sansevere again. He says fans are desperate. It’s more like he’s desperate to come up with a story of any kind. You’ve been around for a long time Bob, but you’re no longer needed here. Time to hang it up and take up knitting..

Eata Dickjoe
Eata Dickjoe
1 month ago

Joe Johnson is just the absolute worst. I have no idea why he even writes about the Vikings other than that he hates Viking fans and wants to crap all over them. Booooooooooo this article, and booooooo this website. I guess vikings territory is going on my block list too.

1 month ago

Lol sick of reading secret packer fans whining

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