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RECAP: Jared Allen Joins Dustin Baker’s Show with Bryant McKinnie

Soon-to-be Hall of Famer Jared Allen joined the Minnesota Vikings-themed podcast Bleav in Vikings with Bryant McKinnie and Dustin Baker on Wednesday. The show typically spans about 45 minutes, but Allen – on brand – eloquently pushed it to the brink of a full hour.

Allen was asked an array of questions from his Olympic curling endeavors, disdain of technology, thought on today’s NFL, Wounded Warriors project, to early personal bouts with alcohol (spurred by immaturity).

Nic from Saint Paul, Minnesota, a lifelong Vikings die-harder, debuted on the show with Raun Sawh of FranchiseTagged to fill out the lineup.

The persona that Allen displayed on the field mirrored the ambiance he provided on Wednesday. He was stuffed full of humor, stories, a sweet haircut (to this day), and friendly banter with former Vikings left tackle, Bryant McKinnie.

Allen also acknowledged that football viewing at his household is slim pickings. He does not follow the NFL as closely as other Bleav in Vikings guests like Warren Sapp, Fred Taylor, or Devin Hester.

But Allen did provide 62 minutes’ worth of ultra-memorable material. In retrospect, the show should have ran seven more minutes to consummate the evening.

Allen Supports Tampa Bay in Super Bowl LV

At the backend of the interview, Allen stunned his Zoom call-mates when he declared his fandom for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl LV. The 38-year-old former defensive end spent four full seasons in Kansas City with the Chiefs, so the presumed response to the Super Bowl prediction-question was inaccurate.

Allen would rather see Tom Brady win a Super Bowl with Buccaneers, an event that would slide a further-unprecedented seven Lombardi trophies onto Brady’s resume. A score was even prognosticated, 31-27 Buccaneers, with Brady-inspired theatrics via game-winning drive.

No ill will [at all] is harbored by Allen for the Chiefs. In fact, Allen mentioned the possibility of a Kansas City-brokered blowout if the game goes pear-shaped early in Tampa. On Allen’s favoritism of the Buccaneers, he would prefer to see Antonie Winfield Sr.’s son earn a championship during his maiden NFL voyage. Winfield and Allen were teammates for five seasons in Minnesota. Antoine Winfield Jr. – a Minnesota Golden Gopher — is a rookie safety with the Buccaneers.

And – Allen admires Brady.

The Theory on Eric Bieniemy

Eric Bieniemy’s employment with the Chiefs and lack of promotion leaguewide was on the docket, too. But Allen’s theory on the snubs that have beset Bieniemy is different than what most national media outlets offer.

Allen hypothesized that Bieniemy is not landing the head-coaching gig because he doesn’t coddle players. Both McKinnie and Allen agree that players “these days” are a different specimen – one that is hardwired to adhere to social media norms rather than rules defined by a hard-nosed football coach.

Interestingly, Bieniemy is a coach of the hard-nosed variety. Allen even likened Bieniemy to Vikings current head coach, Mike Zimmer. Both exude a no-nonsense swagger, and Allen enjoys that attribute as a former player.

When asked if he foresaw a secret plan where Bieniemy was plotting to become the Vikings next offensive coordinator, Allen was hesitant. Why would Bieniemy depart a sprouting dynasty for a zero-championship Minnesota franchise?

The counter-argument surfaced that perhaps Bienemy would welcome a stepping-out from Andy Reid’s shadow. Then, Allen made sense of the scenario and indicated that it was indeed somewhat plausible. A “you will be the Vikings head coach soon” assurance to Bieniemy by the Vikings was mentioned by Allen.

Favre’s Impact

A Vikings-related show cannot have an alumnus on air without needling at the 2009 Vikings team. Sawh inquired with Allen about the impact of Brett Favre’s dramatic arrival to the team in the summer of 2009. Predictably, Allen explained the excitement that ensued and also the paradigm shift in team culture that was fostered.

From the onset, the Vikings transitioned from head coach Brad Childress’ team to Favre’s franchise.

The visual example of the torch-passing lies in clothing. Yes – standard wardrobe stuff. Pre-Favre, Childress instituted a suit-only dress code for all players despite discontent from some. Favre single-handedly implemented a medley of the Wild West and the Dirty South.

Allen and Favre convinced Childress that a “blazer and jeans” was a respectable look, and Childress caved. Then, Favre flexed and wore what he pleased – ratty jeans, a t-shirt, and a baseball cap. Not to be outdone – this is when Allen began donning a cowboy hat.

You can listen to all 62 minutes of Jared Allen, Bryant McKinnie, Raun Sawh, Nic from Saint Paul, and Dustin Baker on Spotify:

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