Pete Prisco Recommends QB for Vikings in “What They Should Do” Draft

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As an example of a “what they should do draft,” Pete Prisco of CBSSports sends Justin Fields — not Zack Wilson — to the New York Jets with the 2nd pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. That’s the type of document we’re dealing with here.

What’s more, Prisco is super high on Christian Darrisaw — a tackle frequently mock-drafted to the Minnesota Vikings — and plops the Virginia Tech offensive lineman in Cincinnatti with the 5th overall pick in the draft.

Therefore, this set of recommendations is a little bit goofy, for starters. If you wish to read Prisco’s actual predictions [not just a they should do this edition], here is his latest mock draft.

Ironically, what Prisco thinks the Vikings should do in the 2021 NFL Draft is the same thing that he mocked a few days ago. He asserts that Minnesota should draft quarterback Trey Lance — and he also predicts it will happen via his foretelling mock draft.

The Vikings would pass on Mac Jones, Micah Parsons, Jaylen Waddle, and Alijah Vera-Tuckler in this volume of his draft scribblings. Why? Well, here’s what Prisco thinks on Lance to Minnesota:

“Kirk Cousins has a bloated cap number next year, so why not prepare for life after him? Lance could use a year of seasoning, so it makes sense. This would be a pick for the future.”

Sprinkle the seasoning, says Prisco. Lance will need it. He didn’t play any college football in 2020, but he was utterly flawless in 2019 at North Dakota State University. Lance accrued a 28-0 TD-INT split two seasons ago, a feat that is the stuff of legends.

But sitting behind current quarterback Kirk Cousins would include perks. Highly-touted quarterbacks out of college rarely sit for a full season anymore.  When they do, though, the results are often ideal. See: Patrick Mahomes in 2017.

That would be the ask for Lance. Cousins is under contract through the end of 2022, so the franchise has a way to go with him. Cousins will assuredly be the signal-caller in 2021, but the team could realistically trade him next offseason if Lance rapidly ascended the realm of heir apparent.‘s Daniel Jeremiah released his Top 150 prospects on Tuesday. Lance is considered the seventh-best player in the whole dance. Ergo, the Vikings would satisfy best-player-available in the draft if they can find a way to snag the NDSU alumnus.

Here are thoughts on Jeremiah about Lance:

“Lance has a thick/sturdy frame for the quarterback position. He only started 17 games at North Dakota State, but there is plenty to get excited about. He split his time between under center and in the shotgun. He plays with excellent patience and poise, taking what the defense gives him. He rarely puts the ball in jeopardy (he didn’t throw an interception until his final collegiate game). He shows the ability to change ball speed and trajectory underneath, while also displaying the velocity to fit the ball into tight windows on intermediate throws. His deep-ball accuracy needs to improve, though. He has a bad habit of sinking his weight before he throws, which impacts his placement. He is very strong in the pocket, routinely shrugging off rushers and creating plays. He is ultra-competitive on designed QB runs, displaying build-up speed and power. Lance is going to need time to develop, but I’m going to bet on his skill set, competitiveness and decision-making.”

In the last 25 years, the Vikings have selected three quarterbacks in the 1st Round — Teddy Bridgewater, Christian Ponder, and Teddy Bridgewater. Lance would make that four.

That “three in 25 years” number might sound low, but it’s quite average. Teams that draft the most quarterbacks in Round 1 are typically unstable and in constant need of reform. The Vikings aren’t that. During the last 25 years, Minnesota is the 10th-winningest organization in the NFL, reaching victory in 54% of all games since 1996 — notably better than the New Orleans Saints, Dallas Cowboys, and San Francisco 49ers amid the timeframe.