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LeBron James praises Justin Jefferson

The King is here!

I used to think my worst take was the post-MOBO Draft in which I predicted not only that he’d be a nigh-uncoverable talent in the NFL (check his stats) but also that he’d end up costing then still ascending Adam Thielen’s roster spot. I used to bring it up constantly, as I believe in holding myself accountable in an industry where too many make outlandish predictions and then wash their hands of the outcome.

I’m looking at you, Stephen A. Smith.

That take has been replaced by my reaction to the 2020 Draft and the selection of “glorified slot receiver” Justin Jefferson.

It’s Crow Eating Time! I was WRONG about Justin Jefferson

Jefferson has been a revelation at the position, ending up as the second highest rated wide receiver in the entire NFL according to Pro Football Focus.

The plaudits he’s received don’t even scratch the surface of how great he is and will be, with many coming out to shout out the best young wide receiver in the league.

Count LeBron James as one of those people, as he shouted out Jet today on social media while promoting the new Space Jam movie.

The funny thing is? This is just the beginning for Jefferson and the Vikings. The more he acclimates to the league and develops with age, the better he’ll be. The Vikings absolutely struck gold with their first-round pick last year and it’s very exciting that we get to watch him in Purple for (hopefully) the next decade-plus.

Just ask LeBron.

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