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Justin Jefferson on Draft Day, Moss Comparisons, etc.

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Minnesota Vikings receiver Justin Jefferson had about as good of a individual season as is (in)humanly possible. Breaking the record for modern receiving yards, and Randy Moss’ team record for receptions, it was an amazing year for Jet. chatted with Jefferson this week, and he had a lot to say about his first season.

Vikings WR Justin Jefferson reflects on record rookie season, ‘disrespectful’ draft position

In regard to the comparison people have made to Moss, or former Vikings OROY Percy Harvin, Jefferson said he didn’t really care about comparisons.

“I wanted to be the best receiver I can be,” Jefferson told NFL Network’s Steve Wyche and Jim Trotter recently on the Huddle & Flow podcast. “I didn’t want to really compare myself to the other rookie receivers. I wanted to be the best receiver in the league.”

The 2020 Draft will always be famous for the wide receivers taken before Jefferson, something that isn’t lost of him.

“I kept a chip on my shoulder, if you want to say that,” Jefferson said. “I just felt like I was one of the top receivers, especially off of the performance I did with the national championship, having over 1,500 yards, having 18 touchdowns. So being the fifth receiver picked up, I felt that was disrespectful on their part.”

He continued:

“I just wanted to prove everybody wrong. All of the doubts about me playing outside, me not being a fast receiver, me not being able to go deep. So this past season, I worked on all of those things. I just tried to clean up my game a little bit more and be that versatile receiver.”

It worked. But when did Jefferson know he had arrived? Also, please check out the full article above as I feel like I’m not adding much to this topic.

“After my first start, after Week 3, having 175 yards, just being a big performer of the game, and just dancing into the end zone, that excitement, I knew I was capable of being a problem in the league,” Jefferson said. “Especially going against Malcolm Butler. Malcolm Butler is one of the top corners in the league. So having a performance like that on him definitely opened my eyes a little bit and gave me a little bit more confidence.”

I’d hate to see what he did with full confidence…

Again, click here to read the full article:

Vikings WR Justin Jefferson reflects on record rookie season, ‘disrespectful’ draft position

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