Introducing the Rough Draft Podcast! []

If you’ve followed any of our sites lately, or better yet listened to our owner Joe Johnson get introduced on his weekly co-hosting gig on Bob Sansevere’s ‘The BS Show’, or our show on KDLM Sports in Detroit Lakes? You’ll know that we’ve been launching more new websites each week than a “Nigerian Prince” with a premium Wix account.

One of those new sites is one that is extra special in the pantheons of UFFda! Sports, TheDraftTeam, or TDT as absolutely no one is calling it (yet?), is the brain-child of our very own Kirby O’Connor, as well as our senior writer Josh Frey.

Conceived in the backseat of a mid-priced sedan in 2018, TheDraftTeam is absolutely bursting with top notch draft content like:

Draft Profiles

Mock Drafts

Draft News/Analysis

And now? It’s own podcast/video show!

We’ll have all your podcast links by next week (Apple Podcasts through… Z… ZSpotify?) but we wanted to give you something to whet your appetite!

You can also follow TDT on the following social media platforms: