Everson Griffen claims Zimmer never wanted Cousins

Image courtesy of Vikings.com

Everson Griffen is an interesting guy. That having been said, If there’s one thing I wouldn’t mock in anyone it’s mental health issues as I’ve dealt with my fair share and that’s something that needs less stigmatization, not more, especially in men but especially in men who are thought of as “tough”.

That also having been said, the Everson Griffen we’ve seen lo these past couple of years seems different. First was the incident at the hotel that lead to Griffen missing significant time in 2018 as he dealt with mental health recovery.

I applauded the move and the team for supporting him/it. After that, he took offense to Zimmer labeling him as “a good player” instead of a “great player”, as if he was manufacturing a reason to air his grievances at the team that didn’t offer him the contract he expected before leaving for Dallas and free agency.


After multiple reports that Griffen welcomed a return to Minnesota after a 2020 that you’d almost think humbled him, there’s this:

Yeah, openly mocking the franchise quarterback of the team you just said you wanted to reunite with? Probably not the best opportunity to make that happen.

Griffen knows that which probably means that the Vikings told Griffen’s agent that no reunion was in the cards. Which actually shows enough respect to let him know not to wait/turn down offers from other teams. Assuming there are any.

Griffen most likely thought he could rekindle something in Minnesota after a disappointing season. But, that clearly isn’t happening and while Griffen will get a shot somewhere, it’s clear the best from him is in the rearview.

Considering there’s no way to verify what he said about Zimmer and Cousins? We can mostly write it off. But, it wouldn’t surprise me if Zimmer didn’t want Cousins, as Cousins doesn’t play defense.

But the general manager identified that that defense wasn’t elite enough, or even good enough when it matters, to win a championship. Instead, he wanted an offense that could consistently score enough to help the good defense.

This would explain the continued lack of investment in the offensive line, though.