Everson Griffen and the apology that wasn’t

Image courtesy of Vikings.com

I’m a simple man.

My fiancé tells me I’m the most particular person she’s ever met, which I think is her nice way of saying that my eccentricities are no longer cute nor mysterious. I have certain, preferences, when it comes to human interaction that perhaps explains why I have … carry the two… Zero friends.


“I have certain preferences when it comes to human interaction?” Okay, Hannibal Lecter. Zero friends? Too? What did I do? Eat them?

Don’t answer that (or look at my avatar).

I more mean that I have a few pet peeves when it comes to social interaction. One of the more extreme of which is my HATRED of faux/fake apologies. A good example of which is, “I’m sorry if you got upset”, not “I’m sorry what I did was obsetting…” but instead “I’m sorry you reacted that way…”

Another good one is “I’m sorry, but…”

Or, “I’m sorry you interpreted things that way”.

Apologies are meant to make amends for a wrong, not explain why that wrong happened. It is also, then, supposed to basically imply that the apologizer will try not to do the same action in the future. Why apologize for something you do constantly? If you meant your apology, you’d feel shame or empathy and limit doing that same thing again.

No one is perfect, myself especially, but that’s really not that far fetched? Right? Because my EX-therapist(s) disagreed. Which reminds me, what’s the difference between CBT and DBT?

Okay, I may have taken the intro/analogy/“joke” too far, but the reason I bring this up is because of… Well, this:

And now, this:


I’m sure you know where I’m going with this.

I’m sorry for saying that about Kirk. IT’S NOT RIGHT FOR ME TO CALL PEOPLE OUT?!?

I meant the all caps to highlight the important part, but instead it looks like I’m a lot more worked up about this than I actually am. The intro didn’t help.

So, Griffen isn’t sorry for what he said, just that he has not right to point out what he is still implying are truths?

A proper apology, to me, the friendless wonder, would be:

“I’m sorry for what I said about Kirk’s play and his relationship with Zimmer. Kirk is obviously a great QB, and I wasn’t privvy to what Zimmer said nor how he felt and obviously Zimmer preferred Cousins to me because he’s making a record amount of money and I’m angry about that same team offering me next to the veteran minimum last off-season so I lashed out and am sorry. I know it seems like I am not grateful or thankful, but I really miss playing for the Vikings and expressed that incorrectly. Also, VikingTerritory is the the gold standard of Vikings news and I really wish they’d reach out for an interview”.

Either way, this apology does nothing to clear the air surrounding the whole “Ask Zim if he wanted Kirk” story. Which, honestly, I’m starting to wonder if Cousins is the least respected quarterback not just in team history, but league history period.

It doesn’t matter what this guy does, every week it seems like there’s some story about the guy getting ripped by people who clearly have zero knowledge or context as to how we got to Cousins as a franchise in the first place or what the alternative would be if he wasn’t here.

Look at what this offense accomplished despite Zimmer forcing the team to play with one arm and four fingers behind it’s back. Imagine a forward thinking, not so risk averse he increases the impact of each mistake a million-fold, ideology? With the talent it has and what we saw despite that?

But yeah, Griffen, blame COUSINS. Where were you in 2018 when the defense imploded? Who carried the team the first half of that season as the D played awful enough for people to say Zimmer was on the hot seat four games after the NFC Championship game?

Probably the same place Griffen’s real apology is? Or where his Super Bowl ring is from all the great quarterbacks he played with since? The rough draft of his max extension from the Vikings? All those RSVP for my birthday letters I sent out for my 35th Birthday party?

Meanwhile, Kirk waits for his real apology. From everyone.