Diggs again shades ‘Sota & proves that WE should be “locked in” to Beane

Stefon Diggs
Jan 14, 2018; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs (14) celebrates with teammates after catching the game winning catch against the New Orleans Saints at U.S. Bank Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Former (thank God/“Beane”) Minnesota Vikings wide receiver and soon-to-be headache for the Buffalo Bills, Stefon “Me, Me, ME” Diggs, has yet again shaded the organization that both drafted and paid him elite money (despite not yet eclipsing 1,000 yards) on social media. It’s almost as if he didn’t get the memo that even his social media consultant Antonio Brown eventually got the message.


As far as burns go, it isn’t really that earth shattering nor (as I’m sure some residents of Buffalo will all caps point out below in-between their jobs giving people directions on how to get away from Buffalo) that much of a burn. However, let’s be clear, he is essentially saying “If not for Bills GM Brandon Beane I’d still be stuck in Minnesota. So, I’ve forever got his back and by forever I mean until I’m no longer the sole focal point of the offense and/or getting ESPN covers”.

Again. Cool.

As every Minnesotan will note, the Vikings upgraded at the position in every way possible by drafting Justin Jefferson, so who cares?

Part of me wants to say I don’t. Because like Tinkerbell, if you stop giving Diggs the attention he so clearly craves he’ll disappear like the rest of the Bills around him after their playoff loss last season.

But the other, larger part of me (the one that’ll eventually metastasize) wants to throw that shade right back at a player that was given nothing but respect, support, and truckloads of money while he was here.

So, let’s go with the latter! But instead of just focusing on this Tweet, let’s breakdown exactly what Diggs is mad about and prove once and for all that Diggs is as big of a liar as he is a narcissist. Repetitive, I know Intro to Psychology students, but I can actually prove the former to support the latter.

Let’s gooooooo!

If he’s happier in Buffalo (which is the… Buffalo of the United States (it’s like the anti-Cadillac or Rolex, like some sort of three-legged donkey or mistaking a venomous snake for a watch))? Good. But leave Minnesota out of it. A normal, non-dick would’ve Tweeted “If not for Beane I’d never have ended up in Buffalo on a team and city I love!”

But as even his supporters made clear in the ESPN article (where they said supportive things that proved how much Diggs has “matured”, as Bills fans will also most likely misspell below, like (and I’m paraphrasing as to not give that article another click): “Diggs will be your best friend but don’t cross him!” And that “Diggs wants to win, but wants to be the reason his team wins MORE”)… Diggs’ brain doesn’t work that way. He can’t frame this or anything positively, because he’d have to say he loves living in Buffalo and also because he frames everything like 50 Cent and the United States government in 2003.

You’re either with Diggs, or you’re against him.

And being with him means that he requires nearly every target or he’ll feel like you somehow lied to him by adding more talent to the offense that either isn’t a clone of him or someone who will help Josh Allen facilitate more targets his way/a genetics lab where you throw footballs at petri dishes filled with Diggs’ stem cells until one catches the ball.

That’s literally his gripe with the Vikings, by the way, that they drafted Dalvin Cook and refused to play God even though Teddy Bridgewater was perfectly suited for lab work as he already brought gloves. What NFL team by Diggs’ definition isn’t disloyal? Don’t answer that. Answer this instead. What successful NFL franchise gives a wide receiver that promise/subsequent amount of power? Russell Wilson can’t even get the Seahawks to give him a say in player personnel. Why would the pre-2017 Vikings give Diggs as much?

Good luck with that Buffalo.

Although… Perhaps that’s why Beane went DE/DE with their first-round two draft picks? Or took O-linemen with the next two? Or only took one skill player in sixth-round wide receiver Marquez “future enemy of Diggs” Stevenson? Or despite having next to zero run game outside of Josh Allen in 2021 only landed one-year veterans Matt Breida and Taiwan Jones for 2021 while drafting approximately zero running backs?

That’s mostly me making a hyperbolic point, but isn’t it odd that they didn’t look for a running back considering their depth chart looks like the fantasy roster of someone who didn’t draft their first running back until after they took their kicker?

Either way, regardless of their record in 2021 as yet again one of the most one dimensional offenses in the league, as long as Diggs is getting > 130 catches a season in Buffalo and the offense remains one dimensional? Diggs will still be “forever” thankful to Beane.

Once they have the nerve to, as the aforementioned article explains, “piss on Diggs’ leg and call it rain” (which is hard to determine considering the fact that Buffalo is adjacent to Niagara Falls and also, I’m presuming, smells great) by drafting a running back (or committing to the run, as was his complaint in ‘Sota))?

I’ll be here to tell Bills fans: I told you so, while also pre-paying for directions out of Buffalo (just to be safe).

I’m also just kidding with you, Buffalo. You know I love you.

Diggs on the other hand?

Even though I fully support the player empowerment movement and have not been the biggest supporter of Zimmer or Spielman, this proves yet again that this isn’t empowerment nor did Zimmer or Spielman do anything egregious to Diggs.

I mean.

Before Dalvin Cook was drafted in 2017? Diggs had 720 yards, and 903 yards in 2015 and 2016 respectively. This requires further analysis…

A) That’s not the type of output that a team sees and says, especially as Diggs had yet to play a full 16-game season at that point, “Let’s pass on the top RB on our board cause that injury prone, potential filled but up until now mostly pedestrian wide receiver with emotional problems misunderstood a meeting!”.

B) Diggs had 849 yards in 2017. Sure, Cook got injured, but when he returned? Diggs had his first 1,000 yard season. Sure, Cook got injured that year and missed half the season. So… Cook’s first full(ish) year? Diggs had over 1,100 yards (and over 170 grabs in those two seasons). That run first philosophy sure hurt Diggs’ stats and career! He was only traded for a massive draft haul (as Beane’s quote explains) AFTER Cook’s emergence. Which means he benefitted from the run first “shift” (which wasn’t, as I’ll explain).

C) Diggs signed his five-year, $72 million dollar extension after Cook’s rookie season. That means:

C 1) The Vikings gave elite money to a player who had yet to eclipse 1,000 yards.

C 2) That also means Diggs agreed to an extension while full well knowing that the Vikings had drafted Cook and thus were committing to running the ball more. If he felt that the team screwed him why sign?

C 3) Diggs’ rookie season was the same year as Adrian Peterson’s last good season. So, it’s not as if Zimmer suddenly went from an arena football offense to a run-first philosophy while using Diggs’ contract money on a Peloton treadmill for Dalvin.

D) Checkmate.


The refrain that I mocked above that I’ve seen in every Diggs related article, that he’s “matured” in the time he’d been in Buffalo (because we all know people mature over the summer of their 27th-year on the planet and that nothing makes a narcissist mature more than being rewarded for their pathological behavior)?

The above proves he hasn’t. But, there’s also the logic of that statement. If he matured that means that he was immature in Minnesota by definition. If that’s the case? Why argue that his continued bashing of a team/state he no longer plays for (and was immature while on) is okay? Or rather, why NOT admit the truth?

The truth being that you love Diggs because he currently is very good at football and plays for YOUR team? If you could admit that you defend Diggs because he currently is the main super star on your team (and thus that things are currently going your way)? Then you can connect the final dots and see that you defend Diggs because you ARE Diggs.

You’re getting what you want out of him and it’s working for now (even if it’s selfish and objectively wrong). But once that inevitably changes and you dislike Diggs as much as Vikings fans do, you’ll feel like he conned you despite the truth being in front of your eyes all along.

Sound familiar?