Analyzing where the Vikings team/players rank in 2021’s betting odds

There is a long way to go until the start of the 2021 NFL season. A very long way to go. In fact, Tom Brady is likely to be still feeling the effects of a lingering tequila hangover after Super Bowl LV. A lot can change in the coming weeks and teams not believed to be in contention today might find that they are assumed to be so come September 9th. Just look at Tampa Bay for proof. Of course, the reverse is also true.

While a lot can change, sportsbooks have released odds for next season, including Super Bowl LVI. Where do the Vikings stand in all this?

Let’s break it all down:

NFC North Betting

It won’t surprise you to learn that the Packers are the clear favourites to win the division, with odds of -225. They are among the top picks for the Super Bowl, just behind Kansas City and Tampa Bay. The Vikings, however, have odds of +300, and they are clearly preferred to the Bears and Lions by bookmakers.

That could change, of course. We saw last season how trades in and out transformed the AFC East Division, making it less predictable after years of dominance by the Patriots.  A lot of pundits both here at UFFda! Sports and nationally believe that Mike Zimmer and Rick Spielman are under extreme pressure to deliver success in 2021, so you can read into that what you will.

NFC Betting

The Buccaneers, Packers, 49ers and Rams are seen as the four most likely conference winners, and there really isn’t much difference in terms of the overall odds, which range from around +400 to +650. After that, comes the Saints, Cowboys, Cardinals and Seahawks before we get to Minnesota at +2500. Those are long odds, but teams have conquered the NFC as bigger underdogs before.

Super Bowl LVI Betting

So, if you think the Vikings can win a first Super Bowl at the Sofi Stadium next February, then you should effectively double those +2500 odds and then spend whatever is left in your checking account to buy a straightjacket. Again, though, teams have triumphed when less favored by bookmakers before.

The Eagles at Super Bowl LII, for example, capped off a season where the champions started with a price of around +6000 from sportsbooks. Moreover, we should reiterate the fact that a lot could change in the coming months.

If the Vikings become ambitious with trades, those odds will plummet. The Chiefs are once again favorites for the Super Bowl, as they were before the 2020 and 2019 regular season. The champions, Tampa Bay, are second favorites.


 MVP Betting

Finally, we want to have a quick look at some of the Vikings’ roster’s standing in the MVP betting for next season. Kirk Cousins, who can obviously have an outsized effect on the direction of the team’s season, is priced at +5000. Trade rumors abound about Cousins this offseason, but several pundits believe he is going nowhere. Elsewhere, Dalvin Cook is given odds of +6000, Stefon Diggs +15000 and Justin Jefferson +10000. Pro Football Focus has cited the latter as the best rookie of 2020, and if he and Cousins can team up effectively in 2021, then Minnesota might be in for a much better season than the odds suggest.