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All the Vikings Free Agency News: Day 1

The following is free-agency news applicable to the Minnesota Vikings on Day 1 of 2021 Free Agency — via tweet.

A prominent VikingsTwitter personality prognosticates.

Former Vikings offensive lineman gets paid elsewhere.

Darren Wolfson tells folks to be aware of safety Will Parks-to-the-Vikings.


The Vikings Age‘s Adam Patrick and The Athletic‘s Chad Graff put together a shopping list.

The announcement that the Vikings “will be players” in free agency:

The grocery list thickens.

VikingsTwitter states their demands via poll. Thuney is the crush.

Vikings Central affirms that defensive line is a priority superior to offensive line.

A restructuring of Harrison Smith theory arises.

The sky falls.

Hunter differs — he likes his agent.

Said agent skewers The Athletic.

A return of kicker Daniel Carlson becomes unrealistic.

Targeted by Minnesota in the morning, guard Joe Thuney says no thanks to the Vikings and joins Patrick Mahomes.

General Manager Rick Spielman makes his first in-house move.

Former Viking Yannick Ngakoue chooses Sin City.

Lawson is a no-go for the Vikings, and he [for some reason] chooses New York.

It appears Adam Thielen will move money around for the team.

Thomas Sullivan brings the comedy on the Thielen matter.

The Vikings learn the identity of the Saints QB they will be knocking out of the playoffs.

Trey Hendrickson and Shaquill Griffin remain on the radar.

And onto the good stuff.

A less-splashier move.






Dustin Baker

Writer. Host of Bleav in Vikings Podcast w/B-Mac & Baker.

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Brock David Huisman
Brock David Huisman
4 months ago

Woo hoo….. same old same old. Day one and vikes do nothing. I mean why would they? The team is obviously Superbowl bound. And even better news R.Hill sticking around woo….. You know it’s big news when Vikes talk about signing players….that sign with other teams. Same old crap. I hope my sarcasm was obvious.

4 months ago

Tomlinson was a great sign. Maybe it’s the purple running through my blood but I have a feeling something big is coming. Clearing $30 mill, Hunter wants trade, Cousins under contract with what now looks like a decent contract compared to new QB numbers. Add in Maddison and a 1st this year and next for Watson?
Just saying…Watson, Cook, Jefferson, Theilen and Irv. I’d go to battle with that for the next 5 years. Might have to eventually move Adam to slot and grab another WR, but damn! A Viking fan can dream.

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