All the Vikings News: September 30

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

The following news is applicable to the Minnesota Vikings on September 30, 2021 — via tweet. This is updated throughout the day.

Kevin Williams to the Ring of Honor: Sunday 

CJ Ham reflects on being a dad

Conklin’s career day.

Fries with a fantastic breakdown.

Vikings defensive woes tied to opponent quarterback play.

D-Hunt on his pre-snap tradition.

Pat P with great praise for the Browns

Special Teams coordinator Ryan Ficken

Darrisaw is progressing along…..

But Rashod is still that dude.

Kendricks excited about facing the two-headed RB duo.

Adrian throwback run against the Browns.

A few guys not practicing today.

Browns getting healthy ahead of Sunday’s game.

Our D-Line is going to eat.

Kirk Cousins is and has been good.

Jets and AT: Best friends.

Neat stat from Phil.