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All the Vikings News: April 19

The following is news applicable to the Minnesota Vikings on April 19, 2021 — via tweet. This is updated throughout the day.

This is one of the good OL that the Vikings could still pursue. Maybe not anymore.

2nd Pro Day for Lance.

10 Days. 10 Picks for MIN.

Top WRs per Pro Football Focus. 


A Sosa Mock.

Mr. Patrick making a point.

Hitman was married last weekend.

Will be tricky to screw up, Nick says.

Orlando Brown trade could be the real deal.

Another draft name to watch.

A mock draft from the author of the article you’re reading.


No Vikings presence at Lance’s Pro Day 2.

Wedding photos.

The Vikings Age‘s prospect to watch if they fall.

Wolfson vehemently strikes down a Joe Webb/Trey Lance comparison.

Vikings TE1.

Statistical perspective on how much Dan Bailey struggled in 2020.

Verdict is in on DE from Pelissero.

This one is a gem.

Ope. Paul Allen is in on Kellen Mond.

That’s a wrap for Smith.

Trade buzz percolating.

23 years ago today on Birk.

Late mention that the Vikings are one of two teams forfeiting a draft pick.

No voluntary workouts for the Vikings.

Workout bonus stff.

This is actually quite funny to read.

The ‘ol long snapper retires.

Trey showing off.

Tough to put a finger on these teams.

Purple FTW believes in Jaelan Phillips.

Love for AVT.

Dalvin always leads these things. What a creature.

Dustin Baker

Writer. Host of Bleav in Vikings Podcast w/B-Mac & Baker.

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3 months ago

Adam Patrick is full of it. Anthony Harris had two superb seasons, starting nine games in 2018 and 14 in 2019. He also had a very good year making three starts in 2017. He did have a bit of a sophomore slump in 2016 (three starts), but that had followed a very good rookie season, with its two starts.

His annual PFF grades since he entered the league as a 2015 UDFA: 78.1, 52.8, 74.3, 89.0, 90.5 and 66.2.

Xavier Woods PFF grades since he entered the league as a 2017 6th rounder: 72.4, 70.5, 73.0 and 61.9. He’s never graded out as well as Harris, though he had three good years.

I love me some Andrew Sendejo, but let’s add him to this comparison, from 2013 on: 61.5, 72.0, 52.8 (2015), 64.1, 77.1 (2017), 69.7, 73.3 and 42.6. He’s had two years with better grades than Harris, in 2016 and 2017, and two or three other good years.

The fact is, we probably upgraded CB with Peterson and Alexander in and Hill and Jones out, but we probably downgraded S with Woods in and Harris out. The defensive line shows a similar see-saw, upgrading enormously at DT with Pierce and Tomlinson in and Stephen and J. Johnson out, but downgrading a bit at DE with Weatherly in and Odenigbo out. Overall, the defense was upgraded, no doubt. But not at every position.

3 months ago

I’d love to see some of the guys with workout bonuses exercise some leadership and solidarity by not attending.

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