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All the Vikings News: April 18

The following is news applicable to the Minnesota Vikings on April 18, 2021 — via tweet. This is updated throughout the day.

Rodgers/Cousins stat to start your day.

A response to the trade-for-Winston stuff months ago.

Serious health concerns about Jalean Phillips.

WR5 on the weights.


Five hot seats.

Leatherwood might be a good fit.

Vikings UK weighs in.

Thielen visited the alma mater this weekend.

This is pretty cool.

Tomasson article.

Vikings make a Broncos reporter’s tweet.

Musing from Purple Pain Forums.

News on the offseason program.

Schrager’s first three WRs off the board.

Offensive linemen ranked by PFF.

If you’re in Camp Quarterback for the Vikings, this is the name to watch [as to his tumble down the board, if at all].

Dustin Baker

Writer. Host of Bleav in Vikings Podcast w/B-Mac & Baker.

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20 days ago

Looks like we should be able to find quality OT’s and DE’s on Day 2, if we have to, and WR’s and CB’s on Day 3.

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