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All the Vikings News: April 13

The following is free-agency news applicable to the Minnesota Vikings on April 13, 2021 — via tweet.

Ezra Cleveland and the shuttle last year — in comparison to this year’s class.

Statement on Daunte Wright.

Guaranteed cheddar for Bridge.

The nose tackle interacts with fans.

No discourse between Darnold and Bridgewater.

An AVT prediction.

If Edelman gets into the HOF, so does Thielen — is the theory.

Kendrick Green tape.

Wolfson on the Vikings QB homework.

Bomani comes in hot.

Old Vikings rival nearly went to Denver.

Daily AVT fodder.

Tomlinson the biggest addition. Reiff the biggest loss. Need is OL — all per this article. Give it a read.

SKOR North asks if the Vikings will stun folks and draft a QB at #14.

Randy Moss is not interested in coaching.

The Jaire Alexander hype gets swatted by a Vikings fan.

Former Viking confused in Miami.

Inexplicably, Jones is the favorite to go at #3.

Thielen with Edelman love.

Trades’re coming.

NFL MVP odds.

Another guard may be gone.

The phone will be ringing.

Don’t really understand this, but it sounds impressive.

The Players Union is taking a stand.

It seems the Vikings have interest in a former alumnus and ex-Titan.

[as a song lyric] New coach on the Minnesota Vikings.

Oh, and some context.

A very random CBS highlight. We’ll take it.

Perhaps this will inject Super Bowl magic into the logo.

Now this — takes a pair of downstairs items to put forth into the world.

Sosa wants Marshall and Foreman in the HOF.

Dustin Baker

Writer. Host of Bleav in Vikings Podcast w/B-Mac & Baker.

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25 days ago

I hope the Vikes do trade back.

The Edelman to the Hall of Fame talk needs to stop.

Ifeadi gave me a chuckle.

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