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All the Vikings News: April 12

The following is free-agency news applicable to the Minnesota Vikings on April 12, 2021 — via tweet.

Kyle Trask, who should be available to the Vikings, with some highlights on this Monday.

The more QBs that go off the board in the Top 10 — the better for the Vikings.

Babymoon yesterday for the Thielens.

Pro Days this week [again] for Fields and Lance.

All OL is in play for Minnesota during this draft.

Spielman trades back for AVT.

The medical concern candidates.

Bridgewater could be a Bronco.

AVT keeps popping up.

OT from Northwestern, Rashawn Slater, is the son of former Timberwolf, Reggie Slater.

SKOR North runs with the Orlovsky tweet.

From a couple of months ago, Luke Braun explains Kirk Cousins’ contract.

Cousins’ career “regular” numbers versus “garbage time” numbers.

Well, this is turning into an AVT day.

A Vikings foe gets a movie.

2021 QB Draft Class data.

More context from Wolfson on the Vikings doing QB homework.

The Viking Age‘s Luke Parrish is rather sarcastic about Peyton Ramsey.

Tiny change this gent falls to Minnesota.

A practice-squader to Steel Town.

No love for Randy’s boy.

A fully vaccinated Bud.

This guy graces about 1 out of every 15 Vikings mock drafts.

And there goes “Moss’ boy” to the Bengals.

Julian Edelman retires. Hall of Fame chat instantly circulates. Perspective stats are provided.

Dustin Baker

Writer. Host of Bleav in Vikings Podcast w/B-Mac & Baker.

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27 days ago

Brendan Jaimes is fairly low-rated by most of the supposed draft prognosticators, but he had a very good pro day, with very strong performance numbers. The only issues were his weight was a little low (298) which is easily remedied, and his arms were pretty short (32 3/4), which is not easily remedied. He’s probably available in the fourth, and might be a nice depth piece that could become a starter.

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