Vikings Sign Peculiar Player Post-Draft

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Let’s Reid between the lines…

As is always the case, the Minnesota Vikings signed about a dozen undrafted free agents immediately after the 2021 draft. That said, one of these players is an unlikely recruit based on his age and position played.

The Vikings recently announced that they signed 30 year old punter Zach Von Rosenberg out of LSU. You read that right, a 30 year old rookie. As it stands, he’s tied for the fifth-oldest player on the Minnesota roster.

As you can imagine, Zach has a unique story. He came out of Zachary High School (Louisiana) in 2009 ranked as the 41st-best pitching prospect in the country. He signed a contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates and played on minor league teams for several years. Eventually, Zach left baseball and made his way to college at LSU. To further complicate his story, he started as a tight end and later converted to punter.

Not only does Zach have an interesting background for an NFL hopeful, but the Vikings are already sitting pretty with Britton Colquitt as their punter. Colquitt is a veteran player and excellent locker room presence with plenty of gas left in the tank, so it’s perplexing that the team would even bring someone in to compete with him.

Keep an eye on the LSU product this offseason and in training camp. It will be exciting to see if he comes hunting for Colquitt’s job, or if the Vikings have other plans for the savvy 30-year-old.

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