Three Positions the Vikings Should NOT Touch This Offseason

Spielman's best and worst moves
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Let’s Reid between the lines…

The Minnesota Vikings have many areas of need this offseason that will be addressed through the draft and free agency. Here are three positions the team should NOT spend capital on:


In my opinion, CJ Ham has the most solidified position on the Minnesota roster. He puts in effort every play and sacrifices his body to block for Dalvin Cook. He is quietly critical in the run game, and his price tag is cheap. Don’t mess with perfection.


Like it or not, Kirk Cousins will be the Vikings quarterback this year. Adding competition at this position would be the epitome of unwise, as it creates unnecessary controversy within the franchise.

I do not believe Minnesota will bring in anyone that even comes close to competing with Cousins. At most, the team could sign a cheap veteran quarterback to replace current backup Sean Mannion, but even that seems like a stretch. Cousins is very durable (knock on wood), and the team doesn’t have much cap space to work with. I expect Sean Mannion to walk, and Jake Browning or Nate Stanley to be Kirk’s backup.


In his first two seasons, Garrett Bradbury has had his ups and downs. That said, it is way too soon to label him a bust. Last season he played alongside the worst guard in the league (Dakota Dozier), and it only made his job harder. The Vikings should leave the center position alone and plug a better guard on either side of Bradbury.

Behind Bradbury, the team has nice depth at this position. Former CFL star Brett Jones is on the roster, and he always impresses on the rare occasion he gets to play. Center is in great shape as it stands.

The Vikings have far more impending needs than fullback, quarterback, and center. Unless he wants to create controversy and land himself in the hot seat, GM Rick Spielman should leave these position groups alone.

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