One Player Minnesota Vikings MUST Keep Around

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Let’s Reid between the lines…

In the first few days of NFL free agency, teams have been interested in Vikings offensive lineman Brett Jones. The former Canadian Football League standout is a sneaky good asset, and Minnesota needs to keep him in the north.

Brett Jones is not mentioned often in Vikings news. He usually rides the bench as a backup guard and center, but being on the bench isn’t always indicative of talent.

Jones was one of the top offensive linemen in the CFL before making his way to the states in 2016. CFL talent doesn’t always translate to the NFL, but Jones has good technique and it’s kept him in the NFL for half a decade. 

Many fans (including myself) were shocked when he wasn’t a starter last year. His film looked good, and Minnesota was in dire need of an upgrade at left guard.

Regardless of if he rides the bench or is a starter, Jones has big value in his versatility. He has positional experience at guard and center – a trait that most teams in the NFL look for via the draft and free agency. At 29 years of age, he also balances plenty of experience playing professional football and having gas left in the tank. It’s no wonder teams like the Broncos are interested in him.

It would be overkill for GM Rick Spielman to write Jones a blank check, but Spielman should really consider extending a one or two year offer to the experienced lineman. Chances are, Jones would take a veteran’s minimum to stay with the team he’s familiar with.

If Jones is allowed to walk in free agency, it will be nearly impossible to find a player with as much bang for the buck. Keep your eyes on this underrated lineman.

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