Zimmer kinda blames refs for loss while not blaming them

Zimmer kinda blames refs for loss while not blaming them

Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer isn’t one to make excuses, so when he says something is to blame for a Vikings loss people listen. Now, don’t get me wrong, he named multiple reasons as to why the Vikings didn’t play well enough to win Sunday against the lowly Dallas Cowboys.

I covered all that here:

Outside of that, though, many in Vikingsland have blamed the refs for at least making things a lot harder on the Vikings at US Bank stadium Sunday.

Zimmer did mention the refs, too, in his post-game, when asked about safety Harrison Smith’s 15-yard “penalty”.

For the record, THIS was flagged.

But this wasn’t:

“I think the hit [by] Harrison Smith was clean,” Zimmer said, via Ben Goessling of the Star Tribune. “There were a lot of those things, but that’s not why we lost. But there were a lot of those things today, I thought.”

There were a lot of those things, indeed.

I’ll let this amazing Tweet sum up how I feel…

Cause yeah. While the D didn’t show up today, the Vikings could’ve won if not for the refs standing in their way. I don’t like to use that excuse, really ever, but this game should be a teachable moment for NFL refs because they affected the outcome and we’re disproportionately penalizing one team.

Imagine if that fumble was overturned? Or if that fake punt stood?

It’s hard being a Vikings fan som… all the time.