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What are the odds the Vikings make the playoffs? Depends on who you ask

So it’s good news?

It’s not a huge surprise that despite the fact that the Minnesota Vikings are one of the hottest teams in the NFL since Week 7, they still have a ways to go after starting the season as arguably the worst team in the NFL. But what chance, statistically, do they have of making the post-season now that they’re a game under .500?

It depends on who you ask.

FiveThirtyEight pegs the Vikes with a 37 percent chance to make the 2020 post-season, whereas Football Outsiders has the then with a 19.9 percent chance to do the same.

On FiveThirtyEight, that’s better than the Bears (27%), and Lions (9%), but trails the Packers who are essentially a shoe-in with a 96% chance. The Packers also have a 89% chance to win the NFC North, where as the Vikings have a 4% chance, but strangely the Bears have a 6% chance.

Either way, like Han Solo in Star Wars, don’t tell us the … numbers? Probability? That can’t be right. Hold on.

*Googles Star Wars Quotes*

Never tell me the odds! That’s it!

Anyway, here’s the top teams from and props to Adam
Patrick from TVA for getting this story up first!

Joe Johnson

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Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson
6 months ago

“… the Vikings have a 4% chance, but strangely the Bears have a 6% chance.”

Not all that strange.

Ignoring the fact that Chicago is 1/2 game up on the Vikes, they also have both games against the Pack still outstanding. We managed a split, so need a better record or deeper tie-breaks to outrun the Packers.

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