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Vikings Day 3 Draft Pick Tracker/Live Chat

13 Picks = 13 More Corners!

The Vikings started Day 3 of the draft with a whopping 13 picks left in their quiver, let’s keep track as the picks come in!

Click each for their NFL.com Draft Profile(s)!

4th round (117th overall): DE DJ Wonnum, South Carolina

4th round (130th overall): DT James Lynch, Baylor

4th round (132nd overall): LB Troy Dye, Oregon

5th round (155th overall): Traded to Chicago for a 2021 fourth-round pick.

5th round (169th overall): CB Harrison Hand, Temple

Another WR for the Vikings

5th round (176th overall): WR KJ Osborn, Miami

Blake Brandel
6th round (203rdoverall): OT Blake Brandel, Oregon State

6th round (205th overall) S Josh Mettelus Michigan

7th round (225th overall)- DE Kenny Willekes Michigan State

Big Ten
7th round (244th overall)- QB, Nate Stanley, Iowa

Brian Cole II

7th round (249th overall)- S Brian Cole II, Mississippi
7th round (253th overall) – G Kyle Hinston, Washburn

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Where is the backup QB?