Top NFL QBs by Passer Rating + QBR + PFF [Week 12]

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Note: Each week our senior Vikings insider Dustin Baker breaks down his combo of QB stats. For last week’s article CLICK HERE.

The following scores are “good” through November 28th, 2020.

There is a healthy fight within the stat community on which quarterback metric is most coherent. Passer rating is bashed as too antiquated. When used to compare quarterbacks from eras of yesteryear, passer rating is indeed skewed and inflated. But touchdowns, passing yards, interception, and completion percentage will never be wholly irrelevant.

ESPN’s QBR is said to factor in more intangible-type ratings. It can be interpreted as a more-detailed and comprehensive version of passer rating and then some.

Pro Football Focus uses its grading system to assess the x’s and o’s of each game and pump out a yearly score.

The following scores and rankings are weighted. Passer rating accounts for 20% of the score, QBR at 40%, and PFF at 40%. The only criteria is that a quarterback starts five games.

These are the raw numbers: