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Thielen Foundation Donates (Additional) $100k for COVID-19 Relief

Announces Radiothon with KFAN on Apr. 19th

Back in mid-March, the Thielen Foundation announced a donation of $25,000 for COVID-19 relief. As the world as we know it has grinded to a standstill, Thielen Foundation has upped the ante by donating an additional $100,000 and announcing a Radiothon with KFAN/iHeart Radio to raise money for said relief. That Radiothon will take place next Thursday, April 9th.

”Our first concern went to all the students who are on free or reduced lunch programs, and we wanted to make sure they would have enough food to eat.” Adam Thielen said after the first donation (which coincided with a lot of school closings).

The Radiothon with KFAN will include “impact stories, [and] awareness” to help with local relief efforts, per a press release from Thielen Foundation.

“The community continues to amaze us with the support we give one another.” Thielen said “Through this Radiothon our hope is that we can make a greater impact together during this difficult time and also provide some entertainment relief throughout the day. We are all in this together, and supporting one another is needed now more than ever”.

Well said.

The Radiothon will start with the Power Trip Kirninf show and run through 6:30pm. Donations will be accepted at



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