The Great Super Bowl LIV Bet: purpleTERRITORY Media (Us) vs. The

One of the fun parts of running a local/independent Minnesota sports websites is that you get to meet all sorts of people who do the same. While it’s a pretty small group (but growing) group, it’s always fun to find people who have the same passion/dreams as you. That’s what lead to us working with Mike Greitzer, owner of

That URL may sound familiar to you as we, from time-to-time, do run some of their articles on both of our sites, and (once we relaunch, he’ll be posting his podcast there, as well).

Mike’s been hanging around our message boards and he responded to one of my threads there, namely the thread about Super Bowl LIV and our thoughts on it.

Mike thinks… Well, you can read it for yourself:

I clearly don’t agree that the Chiefs will best the Niners.

So, we decided to have a fun little wager.

The Chiefs win? I’ll create, buy and wear a V61 shirt (in our shirt store) on my show, About the Labor Live! I’m so confident that I’ll also sell that shirt for a month.

The Niners win? Mike has to sepakku himself live on About the Labor Live!

I meant, Mike’ll buy and rock one of our amazing, high-quality and no longer super flammable shirts.

Who do you agree with? Let us know in the thread posted above or in the thread about this, below!

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