purplePTSD Update: Trade Diggs? Top Moments of 2019, and an Identity Crisis

Looking for some Minnesota Vikings news? While the Super Bowl only ended a little over a week ago, it feels like the off-season has been here for a ‘Sandlot’ FOR-EV-VER. Maybe it’s just me, as any wide receiver trade “rumors” tend to age me like a Jack-O-Lantern (or is it Jack O’Lantern (or is Jack O’Lantern an ethnic slur (See? what I mean about this off-season?))) in December. Either way, while it may be the off-season, that doesn’t mean that we here at purpleTERRITORY Media have stopped covering the team we all love (because *looks over shoulders* they won’t let us)!

I kid because I love.

There are actually a lot of great things to talk about right now, and really all off-season (at least until that awful gap after the draft and before mini-camp…)
Lousy S-March WeatherBut that time is still far, far away even if it does feel like mid-May around here with all of these media created trade rumors.

That reminds me!

That’s the top article you’re missing over at purplePTSD.com!

Next up? The FULL bingeable ‘Best Vikings Moments of 2019’ series!

Got post series blues?

Don’t fret! As there’s another one that still has new articles in the hopper!

The Vikings Identity Crisis Series:

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