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purplePTSD points: Tice on Moss/Jefferson, Breaking down JJ’s 40-yard catch, the Cutthroat Bucs Game

A negative times a negative is a positive!

If VikingsTerritory is the gold standaes for independent / local Minnesota Vikings content, as I’ve been telling strangers in line at the gas station in lieu of having normal human friendships, then our sister-site is the… Bitcoin?

As they’re similar but different & I have sunk every last dollar into it and because whenever I talk about it people’s eyes glaze over.

Before that happens, though, I hope you’ll take a look at what we our team over on purplePTSD has been working on the last couple days and add the site to your daily repertoire of sources for your Minnesota Vikings news.

Mike Tice on Justin Jefferson/Randy Moss comparisons [Exclusive]

A Cutthroat Assignment in Tampa for Vikings

Behind The Play: Justin Jefferson’s 40-Yard Catch

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