Okay. I’ll do it myself. How we can offset Ravens fans’ Pro Bowl Scheme w/ #SKOLbowl

As I’m sure you’ve all heard, some Jacksonville Jaguars fan on Reddit realized that he could mobilize not only Jags fans in the armpit of the East Coast that is Jacksonville, but also every non-Vikings NFC North team to vote the very mediocre Yannick Ngakoue to the Pro Bowl in order to…

I’ll just let the Redditor speak for himself:

“Jags fan asking for your help in screwing over the Vikings by voting Ngakoue to the Pro Bowl,” the posts read. “If Ngakoue makes the Pro Bowl, the 5th the Vikings gave us jumps up to a 4th (and possibly a 3rd if he makes the probowl and the Ravens win the Super Bowl, but that’s a much longer shot).”

First off, I actually thought of doing something similar when I misread the trade details with the Ravens and thought, essentially, that if Ngakoue made the Pro Bowl the Vikings would end up benefiting. So, I’m not even mad, just kinda jealous (and dumb, to boot!).

Secondly, I am as petty as anyone online and refuse to be outsmarted by, whatever the opposite of a brain-trust is, that is Jacksonville. That having been said, I thought I’d pull a Thanos in the end-credits scene from ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ and just do this myself (with your help, of course):


Unfortunately there isn’t one quick way for us to offset the above Jacksonville plan. It’s not like when pharmacies stopped selling Sudafed and Jacksonville’s main export burned up like it’s second main export (people buying gas to get as far away from Jacksonville as possible).

I kid Jacksonville, I kid because I love… living this far from Jacksonville.

The most obvious solution would be to simply vote for anyone and everyone not named Ngakoue. But I think you know what makes the most sense.

Here is the link to vote for defensive ends:


You/we can select up to six players per position. We can start by voting for both Vikings players, Jalyn Holmes and Ifeadi Odenigbo which I highly suggest you all do (and if everyone who reads this Tweets the above link with the following caption, it very well could help):

Hey #Vikings fans! Jags/Packers fans are cheating the Pro Bowl vote to in their words “screw over the Vikings” in the 2021 Draft! Please take a sec to vote for Vikings DEs Holmes & Odenigbo & share this so we can reward and help the team! #SKOLbowl


If we ALL do the above and share this it may not stop Ngakoue from making the Pro Bowl in the end, but we have to at least show that we won’t take this lying down and if we can get Holmes and Odenigbo in the (virtual) Pro Bowl? Win-win!

We could also recruit rivals of the Jags, but I feel like Jacksonville’s only rival is regulations barring felons from owning pet snakes and, as the above proves, class (and in terms of the team? Winning).

That’d require us reaching out to Colts/Texans/Titans fans to get their coordination but they don’t need any encouragement from us to vote for their own guys and it’s not like they hate or fear the Jags enough to help us.

And we can do this without anyones help!


Update: For those of you thinking we should vote for the more popular/statistically better players as they’ll have a better shot at drowning out Ngakoue (which I thought about), You can vote for 6 people total so there’s that.

I also, as a guy who clearly takes the Vikings too seriously, wouldn’t feel great advocating for us to vote for opposing players (who, by definition are getting those voted anyway).

I also like a challenge and believe we can get our guy(s) in, but if not we still accomplished a few important things by showing our love and loyalty to the team, trying to help them in the future, showing other teams’ fans that we’re not making some shady deals with other fans or voting for other teams’ players but instead tried to do this the right way for the right reasons, and finally that we will put up a fight for our team!

We can do it! There are TONS of Vikings fans around the world we just have to focus and share!