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NFL Week Two Power Rankings

Where do the Vikings and others end up after week one?

Wow, week one was a good time, wasn’t it? Whether your team won or lost, I think we can all agree that it is great to have NFL football back. What’s the best thing to do now that we have all our week one results? Well, of course, we’re going to look back at last week’s power rankings and laugh at my mistakes. I’ll try to fix them going into this upcoming weekend, but I’ll probably be wrong again. Here’s where I see all the teams heading into week two.

Check week one’s rankings here

Notes: The top 14 teams are who I consider playoff teams, seven per conference, and the remaining 18 teams are my non-playoff teams. Trending refers to how high the team rose, or how far the team fell from the previous week.

1. Kansas City Chiefs
Last Week: 34-20 win vs. HOU
Trending: —
This Week: 9/20 @ LAC

The Chiefs showed absolutely no signs of hangover after their Super Bowl win in February. They dominated Houston on both sides of the ball, with the score not being reflective of how much of a blowout this game really was. Clyde Edwards-Helaire also looks to be the newest young star in Andy Reid’s offense. The telling sign from this game is that Mahomes only threw for 211 yards, yet the Chiefs looked unstoppable in the passing game.

2. Baltimore Ravens
Last Week: 38-6 win vs. CLE
This Week: 9/20 @ HOU

Baltimore answered any questions about how legit their defense would be this year without Earl Thomas within about eight minutes of game time. Marlon Humphrey intercepted Baker Mayfield on Cleveland’s opening drive, and then Anthony Levine recovered a fumble during a failed fake punt attempt on the next drive. Lamar Jackson continues to prove any remaining critics wrong about his passing ability as he tossed three touchdowns on Sunday’s opener.

3. New Orleans Saints
Last Week: 34-23 win vs TB
Trending: ↑1
This Week: 9/21 @ LV

The Saints played in what was supposed to be the marquee game of the week, but by halftime, this game looked in clear favor of the home team. The defense did a great job of not allowing Chris Godwin and Mike Evans to create separation, and Alvin Kamara looked like he was worth every penny of his extension. The offense rolled to this win even with Michael Thomas only catching three passes for 17 yards. The only question with this team is still Drew Brees after throwing for just 160 yards.

4. Seattle Seahawks
Last Week: 38-25 win @ATL
Trending: ↑2
Next Week: 9/20 vs NE

Russell Wilson showed in week one why he should be the MVP this year. He threw for as many touchdowns as he had incompletions, and he was only sacked twice on Sunday. Matt Ryan threw for a ton of yards, but the majority of those came in garbage time. DK Metcalf looks every bit as good as he did in his rookie year, and it looks like he and Tyler Lockett will be an extremely dangerous duo this year.

5. Buffalo Bills
Last Week: 27-17 win vs NYJ
Trending: —
Next Week: 9/20 @ MIA

The Bills got a good win against a team that they should have beaten up on. Josh Allen was the first Bills quarterback to throw for 300 yards since 2016, and he looked very comfortable doing so. Stefon Diggs reeled in eight catches in his Bills debut, and John Brown caught a touchdown. All Buffalo did this week was show they belong in the conversation.

6. San Francisco 49ers
Last Week: 20-24 loss vs AZ
Trending: ↓3
Next Week: 9/20 @ NYJ

The Cardinals have owned this matchup for a while now, winning 9 of the last 11 games these two teams have played. I think this loss says more about who the Cardinals are, rather than who the 49ers aren’t. This is still a good team, and while Jimmy Garoppolo struggled this week, he and the Niners should get back on track against the Jets in week two.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers
Last Week: 26-16 win @ NYG
Trending ↑1
Next Week: 9/20 vs DEN

The Monday night game might have gotten off to a bit of a scary start after New York recovered a muffed punt, but Pittsburgh quickly regained control. Big Ben looked great in his first game back in 364 days, and JuJu Smith-Schuster is a legit number one receiver. He had a great smile after his second score of the night, too. Benny Snell Jr. might have unseated James Conner as the new RB1 tonight as well.

8. Green Bay Packers
Last Week: 43-34 win @ MIN
Trending: ↑3
Next Week: 9/20 vs DET

The Packers are a good team, we knew this. Aaron Rodgers came out and attacked Minnesota’s young cornerbacks early, and the defense held Minnesota in check until garbage time in the fourth quarter. I want to see Allen Lazard and Marquez Valdes-Scantling continue to make plays before making the Packers a top three NFC team.

9. Arizona Cardinals
Last Week: 24-20 win @ SF
Trending: ↑6
Next Week: 9/20 vs WSH

This is it. It took me one week to decide that this team absolutely deserves to be considered a playoff team. This was a very impressive win at San Francisco. Kyler Murray looks much more comfortable at quarterback than he did his rookie year, and it definitely helps to have a top three receiver in DeAndre Hopkins.

10. Dallas Cowboys
Last Week: 17-20 loss @ LAR
Trending: ↓3
Next Week: 9/20 vs ATL

Dallas had plenty of chances to win or at least tie this game. The Cowboys kicked a field goal with 1:54 left in the third quarter, and neither team scored after that point. They probably should have kicked a field goal early in the fourth quarter instead of going for it on fourth down from the Rams 11, but hindsight is 20/20. If CeeDee Lamb gets an extra yard or two on that play, we’re praising Mike McCarthy for his aggressive playcalling. Let’s see if they can get their offense back on track against Atlanta before declaring this team is in trouble.

11. New England Patriots
Last Week: 21-11 win vs MIA
Trending: ↑2
Next Week: 9/20 @ SEA

Cam Newton dominated this game from the quarterback position, not with his arm, but with his legs. If you want to read about just how much the Patriots gain with Newton at quarterback, I have attached my overreactions article here. To summarize, Newton’s rushing attack gave the Patriots a weapon they have never previously had, and the defense performed well, picking off Ryan Fitzpatrick three times. We’ll see how they do moving forward against more worthy opponents.

12. Minnesota Vikings
Last Week: 34-43 loss vs GB
Trending: ↓2
Next Week: 9/20 @ IND

This was a bad loss for Minnesota fans, but it far from defines the rest of the season. As established earlier, the Packers are a good team. Minnesota has an almost entirely new defense, and they have to replace Stefon Diggs. A loss here and there is to be expected, especially without Danielle Hunter.

13. Tennessee Titans
Last Week: 16-14 win @ DEN
Trending: ↓1
Next Week: 9/20 vs JAX

The Titans should have walked out of Denver with a comfortable win, but instead, Stephen Gostkowski left ten points on the field by missing four kicks. He came out and changed the post game narrative by hitting the game winner though. Derrick Henry still absolutely looks like Derrick Henry, Ryan Tannehill was erratic with some of his throws.

14. Indianapolis Colts
Last Week: 20-27 loss @ JAX
Trending: ↓5
Next Week: 9/20 vs MIN

The Colts let Jacksonville hang around the entire game, and eventually their inability to score in the second half allowed the Jags to steal this one. The loss of Marlon Mack is obviously a massive blow not only this week, but for the rest of the season. The backfield now lies on the shoulders of rookie Jonathan Taylor. There may be a new AFC team among the playoff contenders next week.

15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Last Week: 23-34 loss @ NO
Trending: ↓1
Next Week: 9/20 vs CAR

Tompa Bay’s campaign didn’t quite get off to the start they were hoping for, huh? Brady looked every bit of 43 in the week one loss, Gronk was unable to create separation, and the running game looked just as average as I thought it would. The defense was the one positive, which is strange considering they gave up 34 points. However, one score was a pick six, and New Orleans started five drives from their own 45 or in Buccaneer territory. The defense held up as best it could, all things considered.

16. Houston Texans
Last Week: 20-34 loss @ KC
Trending: —
Next Week: 9/20 vs BAL

Houston is lucky that the four teams behind them in last week’s rankings all lost in a more embarrassing fashion than they did. I can’t knock this team that much for getting beaten down by the defending champs. That’s going to happen to a lot of teams this year. But man, Houston can’t catch a break. They host another consensus top-three team in Lamar Jackson’s Ravens this week.

17. Atlanta Falcons
Last week: 25-38 loss vs SEA
Trending: ↑2
Next Week: 9/20 @ DAL

I am moving Atlanta up this week solely because the offense looks like it will be able to hang in a shoot-out with anyone this year. Todd Gurley fit in better than I thought he would, and Calvin Ridley caught two touchdowns alongside Julio Jones. This team is still just awful defensively.

18. LA Rams
Last Week: 20-17 win vs DAL
Trending: ↑6
Next Week: 9/20 @ PHI

While they were unable to truly put this game away with their offense in the fourth quarter, the defense took over and stopped Dallas when it mattered most, allowing just three second half points. I’m not convinced that this offense will be able to produce week after week, but the defense absolutely showed that they can keep this team in games.

19. LA Chargers
Last Week: 16-13 win @ CIN
Trending: ↑4
Next Week: 9/20 vs KC

I thought the Chargers would win this game. I didn’t think that it would be a defensive showdown that LA won because the Bengals’ kicker pulled a muscle on the last second field goal. The defense showed out against what I think is a good Cincinnati offense, but I don’t think they’ll get away with scoring 16 points against the Chiefs.

20. Denver Broncos
Last Week: 14-16 loss vs TEN
Trending: ↑1
Next Week: 9/20 @ PIT

Denver started this week with some heartbreaking news regarding Von Miller’s season-ending injury. Then, the week kept getting worse when A.J. Bouye and Philip Lindsay during the game. The rookie defensive backs held up decently well despite the loss, and the Broncos can still rely on Melvin Gordon to carry the running game.

21. Chicago Bears
Last Week: 27-23 win @ DET
Trending: ↑4
Next Week: 9/20 vs NYG

The Bears were down 23-6 going into the fourth quarter in Detroit. Their offense had stalled to a standstill after kicking a field goal late in the second quarter. Then, Mitch Trubisky caught fire in the fourth. He completed 8 of 10 passes for three touchdowns and led the Bears to a shocking comeback win. However, this needs to be much more consistent early in the game for them to compete with better teams in the league.

22. Philadelphia Eagles
Last week: 17-27 loss @ WSH
Trending: ↓5
Next Week: 9/20 vs LAR

Maybe it’s time to see what Jalen Hurts can do. I bet that’s what a lot of Philly fans are thinking right now, and I’m sure that thought built inside Carson Wentz’s mind with every bad throw he made. Philly went up 17-0 in the second quarter, and they never scored again. The defense looks like they miss Malcolm Jenkins in the secondary, and the combination of Corey Clement and Boston Scott at running back did not look fluid.

23. Detroit Lions
Last Week: 23-27 loss vs CHI
Trending: ↓3
Next Week: 9/20 @ GB

This was a classic Detroit loss. They have allowed Mitch Trubisky to throw for three or more passing touchdowns in four straight matchups. Matt Stafford then leads the Lions down the field in under two minutes, and he throws a beautiful pass to rookie D’Andre Swift in the endzone…and Swift muffs the game winning touchdown pass. Detroit is in trouble heading to Green Bay for week two.

24. Jacksonville Jaguars
Last Week: 27-20 win vs IND
Trending: ↑4
Next Week: 9/20 @ TEN

Gotta say, Gardner Minshew looked very comfortable under center on Sunday. Indy seemed content to let this team just hang around instead of stepping on their throat, and late game plays by Jacksonville’s defense gave the Jags a surprise week one win. Let’s see if they can continue this into Tennessee.

25. Las Vegas Raiders
Last Week: 34-30 win @ CAR
Trending: ↑4
Next Week: 9/21 vs NO

The Raiders were running on all cylinders offensively against Carolina. Josh Jacobs looked like a top five running back, and Derek Carr threw the ball crisply all over the field, with nine Raiders earning a catch on Sunday. It’s a very promising win, but it’s against Carolina. We’ll see what happens when the Saints come marching into Las Vegas.

26. Cleveland Browns
Last Week: 6-38 loss @ BAL
Trending: ↓8
Next Week: 9/17 vs CIN

Look, I didn’t think the Browns would win this game. I didn’t even think it would be a one or two possession game. But there is absolutely nothing positive to take out of this loss for Cleveland. The offense was garbage. The defense was garbage. They scored a touchdown at the end of the first quarter, missed the PAT, and never sniffed the end zone again. That is troubling, especially for a game where garbage time had ensued by halftime.

27. Miami Dolphins
Last Week: 11-21 loss @ NE
Trending: ↓5
Next Week: 9/20 vs BUF

Can we see Tua yet? Ryan Fitzpatrick is not good anymore. He threw three picks and completely took Miami out of rhythm whenever he threw the ball. The one positive from this team is the running back duo of Matt Breida and Myles Gaskin should be able to keep this team in some games.

28. Cincinnati Bengals
Last Week: 13-16 loss vs LAC
Trending: ↓1
Next Week: 9/17 @ CLE

Joe Burrow had a rude introduction to football in Cincinnati with the missed field goal at the end of the game. However, there are some positives to take into next week. One, Burrow was not afraid of the moment in crunch time, and he led them to the situation where they could even attempt the field goal. Two, the defense doesn’t look as bad as we thought it would. Three, they play Cleveland week two which looks like a juicy underdog pick.

29. New York Giants
Last Week: 16-26 loss vs PIT
Trending: ↓3
Next Week: 9/20 @ CHI

Honestly, Daniel Jones was pretty impressive for most of the game. If they punch the ball in the end zone after the early muffed punt, and he doesn’t get hit as he threw on another goal line possession, this game might have had a different feel to it. But, that didn’t happen, and New York is 0-1. The Giants need to quickly figure out how to get Saquon Barkley involved in the running game if they want to have any chance of competing this season.

30. Washington Football Team
Last Week: 27-17 win vs PHI
Trending: ↑2
Next Week: 9/20 @ AZ

Maybe Washington isn’t that bad after all? Dwayne Haskins looked half decent during this comeback. The defense wouldn’t go away, and they picked off Wentz twice. I’m not going to get too excited yet because this game might say more about Philly than Washington, but we’ll see how they compete against a good Arizona team.

31. Carolina Panthers
Last Week: 30-34 loss vs LV
Trending: ↓1
Next Week: 9/20 @ TB

Teddy Bridgewater and Christian McCaffrey look like a really good duo for this offense. Unfortunately, the defense looked abysmal against the Raiders. Until there’s some improvement there, this team won’t be getting too many wins.

32. New York Jets
Last Week: 17-27 loss @ BUF
Trending: ↓1
Next Week: 9/20 vs SF

This defense sure is missing Jamal Adams out there. I bet Sam Darnold wishes he could throw to Robby Anderson too after watching Carolina. Adam Gase is officially on hot seat watch as well. The one saving grace is they didn’t get absolutely blown out in this division game, but they’re in trouble when the Niners come to town.

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