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Morning Joes-The Shelter in Place Edition

Chad Greenway will be on the show next week! Just in time for us to fix Oberle's microphone!

The Joes go over the Minnesota Vikings news of the day/week while maintaining proper social distance, and mental distance from the team (per doctors orders). From the additions (Tajae Sharpe, Anthony Zettel) to the subtractions (Everyone), the Joes discuss their thoughts on the state of the purple and gold, safely, from their bunkers in South Minneapolis/Fridley.

Note: There is some sound issues on Oberle’s end, but that’ll be fixed by next week! So, if you want to relive the late 90’s and pretend you have a Sony Discman that didn’t have shock protection, we’re your show!

As mentioned on the show… You can now join our social media platform, VikesGeist, and chat with us and other Vikings fans on the ONLY Vikings only social media platform to maintain the proper social distance of… the entire planet?

That includes a message board, user-created groups, a Twitter-like global activity/update wall (with hashtags and video/Instagram capabilities), and much, much more!

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Joe Johnson

Joe Johnson started back in May of 2015 and has talked Vikings online since the advent of the internet, namely on Reddit's /r/MinnesotaVikings section under the username p_U_c_K. He purchased before the 2017-18 season, used to write for and is the host of the purpleJOURNAL Podcast, as well.

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