Top 3 Debate Topics to Start the Off-Season on our Message Board

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After the Minnesota Vikings lost in crushing fashion to the San Francisco 49ers last Saturday, we noticed a tremendous increase in registrations on our internal social media platform, Vikesgeist.

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That may have solidified a theory that we’ve had for a long time and that’s that, well a couple of things. Whether you think it’s misery loves company, emotion drives engagement, community is one of the most important aspects of fandom, etc.

Regardless of why, the important part of this is that there are a bunch of different ways to come together as fans in times of strife and discuss the team that we all love for some reason.

Our goal was to tie all of those things/features together under one roof and that’s where Vikesgeist was born!

We have a message board/forums, as if you’re a big enough Vikings fan to be on this site you’re very, very familiar with.

We also have chat rooms for live events, which you can access on the lower left of both and

Beyond that, we have user groups that you can create if you want a more personalized experience. Check out this group which was created by those users that we have that found our site from and it’s app.

Then there’s our internal Twitter-like global activity section where Vikesgeist shines brightest!

Like Twitter you can use and track hashtags, integrate and embed videos from YouTube and other video platforms (like Vimeo). You can also add followers and friends here, and even integrate Instagram photo albums here and through your customizable profile.

Speaking of your customizable profile, you can add an avatar, banner/background photo and more!

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Here are the top three current topics on our message board:

1. Off-Season Chat Room

2. Analyzing the Vikings Cap Situation

3. Someone has to say it, Cousins is the Franchise QB we’ve been waiting for (see below)