Looking to distance yourself socially? While bemoaning the Vikings? Our New(ish) Vikes Community is for you!

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House of THOM...pson

Our owner Joe Johnson (me) has long believed in the Howard Hughes method of social interaction as he’s realized after a decade plus of getting punched in the face at bars/Vikings games/birthday parties that he is best in small doses. So he’s always dreamt of ruling over the largest Minnesota Vikings fan community in the game. Then, COVID-19 hit and people starting living their lives like him.

Luckily for him, and everyone out there, he was prepared for the social distancing and self isolation orders sweeping the nation/world by creating the most comprehensive Vikings community software (in one place) of any website/app.

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That includes:

A Message Board
User Groups
An internal Twitter-like software
A Live Chat Function (a la Discord)
Activity Points
Fully Customizable Profiles

Click Here to Join! It’s free!

Here are some current topics on the message board:

The 2020 Vikings a 5-win team?

VikingsTerritory news Update: New PLayers, Dueling Thoughts on the Secondary and More

Draft Pick Points/Trade Logic

We’ve got the software and now all we need is You! Jump in and let us know what you think about free agency! Or our articles!

Or create your own topics, or user groups, it’s free and easy and we’re looking forward to spending the uncertain future with you!