Join our new one (or five?) of a kind Vikings fan community!

The Minnesota Vikings are coming off of one of the most remarkable draft hauls in their history and fan optimism is at an all time high. That in and of itself is remarkable considering how people felt a week ago. If you’re looking for a place where you can chat with other psyched up fans but still maintain safe social distance and that is so much more than a Vikings message board (although we have that)…

We’ve got the place for you!

Introducing VikesGeist, the (with other sites coming soon) social media community!


Click HERE to create an account to access:



Vikings Message board


User groups


VikesGeist: A fully functional internal Twitter like system (with hashtags, video and Instagram embeds, friends/followers)

Fully customizable profiles that include DMs, friends and more!

Live chat for live events


We’ve had over 1,000 people register for the community in the month since we launched and like middle schoolers at a school dance, we just need that one awkward teacher to hop on the dance floor to get things going!

And by things I mean the kids pulling out their phones and going on social media.

I’m that teacher, so take a second to register and join us as we navigate the rest of this unprecedented off-season! Add topics, comment, and let’s create the BEST Vikings fan community in the game!