Jefferson responds to reaction to THAT hot mic situation

Adam Thielen and Kirk Cousins discuss route running during the Vikings week 17 loss to Chicago.

Justin Jefferson made news Sunday for more than just beating Randy Moss’ rookie record for catches in a season when the Fox microphones picked up what some people interpreted as Jefferson saying…

Well… I’ll let the Tweet (that blew up) explain:

Many (right) people listened and heard Jefferson yelling at the REF about throwing a FLAG, because yelling at Cousins to throw the ball after he threw the ball (which if you watch, is also the only time he could’ve thrown that ball) makes little sense.

Either way, Jefferson picked up on this and posted the following:

Case closed.

Jefferson has shown no diva qualities and suddenly isn’t going full Diggs on Cousins, especially in a game where he and Cousins were seemingly telepathically linked. So, find something else to fixate on? Like me and my upcoming one of a kind article … Ugh… Defending Kirk Cousins for the 500th time.

Maybe I’ll start by linking to this article.

Update: A lot (as in almost all) sources are reporting that Jefferson did indeed yell the above. If so? Heat of the moment in a tough game. I can’t imagine Jefferson is otherwise unhappy with how Cousins delivers the ball to him because of… Everything.

It’s not a great look, though.

Especially as Cousins had no chance to throw it before that (due to pressure and also how Jefferson’s route progression). Maybe had Cousins had more time/less pressure, he could’ve hit Jefferson right as he turned at the edge of the end-zone, but that clearly wasn’t an option which I’m sure Jefferson will see when they watch film/he goes on Twitter again.