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Give yourself an early X-Mas gift and subscribe to Odds and Ends w/ Mike Tice

It’s the best NFL show in the market, hands down

Covering the Minnesota Vikings for a living has its perks as well as it’s surreal moments. I can’t think of a better example of that then the fact that we get to host former Vikings head coach Mike Tice’s amazing and criminally underrated YouTube show/podcast, ‘Odds and Ends with Mike Tice’.

His show is posted in easy to digest amounts (from a time perspective) and has had amazing guests like Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid (after he won his first Super Bowl), Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, and more!

Beyond that, Tice picks five NFL games a week (against the spread) in at a clip that’d make any Hollywood movie about sports betting seem unrealistically accurate.

Here are some recent episodes, you can also click here to subscribe:

Odds and Ends with Mike Tice NFL Week 15

Odds and Ends with Mike Tice NFL Week 14


            Odds and Ends with Mike Tice Andy Reid


You can also find his show on Apple Podcasts

And Spotify!

Spotify › open › showOdds and Ends with Mike Tice | Podcast on Spotify

Or follow coach Tice on Twitter to never miss an episode

You can also catch Tice each Wednesday on our KDLM Sports radio show, The VikingsTerritory Breakdown!

Joe Johnson

Joe Johnson started back in 2015 & in 2019, and purchased before the 2017-18 season , used to write for and is the host of the ’Morning Joes’ & ‘About the Labor’ Podcasts, as well. Follow on Twitter: @vtPTSD

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