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While we may only be like… 5% into this whole social distancing/stay at home reality that we now face, it’s safe to say that people are getting very, very BORED. We here at purpleTERRITORY Media are no different and while we’ve spent the last week or so writing over 50 articles (across our network), we’ve also noticed an uptick in new user registrations on our social media platform, VikesGeist.

Only half of those are my Mom!

We actually crossed the 1,000 registered user milestone today (with 1,007 users!) and we thought we’d celebrate by getting some more users into our message board so we can all have deeper and deeper Vikings debates (we also have boards for general news, politics, television (especially binge streaming!), movies and more)!

Click on me to join the VIkesGeist message board, and to hopefully also not hear that super annoying dial-up internet sound from the late 90’s… Sigh, we’re old

Spielman pictured here hugging mediocrity

Click HERE to create an account! It takes like five seconds and it’ll definitely be worth your while!

We are also looking for moderators if anyone wants to help grow the most comprehensive set of social media tools in one place since AOL came out with that Instant Messenger pager back in 1999!

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1. Introduce Yourself

Spielman seen here hugging mediocrity

2. Assessing Rick Spielman’s Legacy So Far [Pt. 1] – The 1st Rounders

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3. 2020 Vikings a 5-Win Team?

Beyond the message board we have User Groups, live chat (both internally and over with our friends at the Viking’s DIscord), even a live Twitter-like software JUST for Vikings fans, fully customizable profiles (with video/Instagram implementation) and much, much more!

So help us turn this piece of (hopefully) coal into the diamond we all know it can be!

Join us!