Can we find solace in the Vikings/Colts betting lines?

After the Vikings’ week 1 performance against the Green Bay Packers, a team that swept them in 2019 when they had a much more experienced, talented roster with uncanny continuity, it’s safe to say that morale in the bold/cold white North is pretty low.

Thankfully, the Vikings are facing the Indianapolis Colts, a team that most predicted to be an 8-8 or 9-7 squad, even with the upgrade they made under center with Philip Rivers coming to town.

However, the issues we saw on Sunday are ones that don’t seem to be a one week fluke. They seem like the type that can be exploited by any mediocre quarterback, and unfortunately, the Colts no longer have Jacoby Brissett “throwing” passes for them.

So, should we panic?

Maybe. But first, let’s see what those in the betting world are saying about next Sunday’s match-up as a sort of more objective, non-local take on the action.

Thankfully, things aren’t too terrible, at least according to the line setters over at

The Vikings (0-1) are 3.0-point underdogs heading into their matchup on Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts (0-1). The point total is set at 46.0. A bet on either side of the spread pays -110.

Most home teams are spotted 3 points, or at least are spotted 3 points in normal seasons when that home field advantage includes actual crowds. I’m sure that they haven’t (yet) factored that into their lines this season, but considering how easily Aaron Rodgers walked up and down the field at US Bank Sunday, and how he and his Packers were the first team to best the Vikings at US Bank when the Vikings scored over 21 points (amongst other first for the Vikes as our senior writer Dustin Baker pointed out in this piece), they might have to make some changes to how their algorithms work.

Point being, the Vikings are considered a toss up for Sunday. Sadly, that’s something worth looking at as respite from our collective panic. Because we as Vikings fans know, things could be much worse. It’s the opinion of this writer that it’s only a matter of time until the sports betting world adjust their algorithms to reflect that reality.

Then again, the fact that the Vikings are currently underdogs against a team projected to miss the playoffs in the AFC despite having one of the softest schedules in the league, could be an entirely new source of panic for the purple faithful.