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Bryan Miller: Return of the skoLOL

Comedian Bryan Miller stops by to addd levity each week

Note: Each week, local comedian/writer Bryan Miller sets his gaze on the most recent Minnesota Vikings games.

After the purple had records broken against their defense, let’s see what Bryan thought of the action’

10. The Vikings celebrated the beginning of the NBA season by letting the Saints score NBA numbers against them. And they gave the Timberwolves a tip o’ the cap and lost by 19.

9. The Vikings are so easy to run on they’re going to get sued by Big Treadmill.

8. Peloton is releasing a whole inspiration video session where you race through the Vikings’ defensive line. Or you can try it on a medium or difficult setting.

7. The line at Cub foods before the Christmas Eve blizzard was much tougher to get through.

6. Alvin Kamara scored six touchdowns! He spent more time in the endzone than the guy who painted it.

5. The Vikings defense doesn’t leak like a sieve. Sieves leak like the Vikings defense.

4. The bad news is, the Vikings are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. The good news is, we don’t have to do math again until next November.

3. This Vikings season has been a Greek tragedy. Only Greek like a gyro from Subway.

2. Cheer up, folks. It’s not like the Vikings aren’t used to playing one game in January and then going home.

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1. It’ll get better, folks. Maybe not the team. But next year we can all be mad about this stuff together, in the stadium, which sounds amazing.

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