Bradbury On What Team is Doing to Prepare Despite Pandemic Limitations

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Minnesota Vikings starting center Garrett Bradbury has been working out with Aviante Collins and Dakota Dozier according to Star Tribune. In an off-season that has been anything but routine, the Vikings second year center has been working with a couple of veterans who are no doubt competing for starting spots after the release of Josh Kline and Pat Elfline’s mediocre performance after a move to the left guard position.

In a video conference Wednesday, Bradbury talked about working out in small groups due to the current pandemic. “We’re keeping the groups extremely small. There’s quite a few Vikings,” he said. “I don’t know — it’s hard to say — but in my group, I know the line, it’s me and AC [guard Aviante Collins], and Dakota Dozier actually just got out here. But it’s good. It’s great workouts, and it’s good to be able to still get workouts in through all this craziness.”

Dakota Dozier was a serviceable backup for Pat Elflien and Josh Kline last season. Dozier previously played for the New York Jets. Aviante Collins has been with the team since signing as an undrafted free agent in 2017, and has played occasionally, but also missed time due to injury. He is likely competing most with Rashod Hill as the team’s backup swing tackle.

The situation is less than ideal for Bradbury’s first full off-season. Offensive Coordinator Gary Kubiak was quick to point out that the Vikings would be in the second week of OTAs at this point. Kubiak asked, “What would you all be doing right now to prepare for the season?” Bradbury said the coaches have tried to give over some control in virtual meetings to make sure that players understand the concepts that they would normally be working on on the practice field. 

The Vikings are in a good position as far as consistency goes with essentially the same system that was in place last season and the offensive line room being very much the same minus Josh Kline and the addition of some rookies. 

“Something I pride myself in is being able to get better from year to year, from game to game, and so that’s kind of my goal this offseason” Bradbury said. If he can take a step forward in 2020, and the Vikings can find a solid answer next to him, the offense will be in better shape than it has been in year’s past.