Bad blood and all, the Vikings could use Kearse now & in 2021

If there’s one player that really didn’t buy what Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer was selling it’s former safety/linebacker/nickel corner Jayron Kearse. Kearse seemingly couldn’t get out of Minnesota fast enough after the 2019 season, signing with NFC North…. Rival? Not really, let’s settle with NFC North Work Acquaintance the Detroit Lions.

Kearse seemingly had the same issue (on the field) that he did in Minnesota, as he just doesn’t really fit anywhere perfectly (just lots of places imperfectly). Too big to be a safety or especially nickel back, too small to be a linebacker, too much a boy for crazy town (and too crazy for boy’s town).

(1) The Simpsons – Too Crazy For Boys Town, Too Much of a Boy For Crazy Town – YouTube

According to

Kearse appeared in 11 games for the Lions this season, starting in seven of them. During his time on the field, the former Vikings safety racked up a career-high 59 tackles, two pass breakups, and one forced fumble.”

Considering that Kearse was a free agent after Week 17 anyway, methinks something went down in Detroit. Especially when you throw in that Detroit is down to like half-a-coach right now, too?

Former head coach Matt Patricia is gone, then the above regarding FIVE coaches being out Sunday?

Who did this guy piss off, and how/when/where? Unless the Ford family heard that Kearse was pulled over with that handgun in a Chevy?

That having been said, Kearse would be a massive help to this Vikings defense both Week 17 and 2021. His flexibility is an asset for a defense like the Vikings that prefers players that can do multiple things, and for a team that plays more man-than-zone and thus could utilize a big bodied guy against a team with a great tight end (aka a lot of teams).

Then again, he couldn’t wait to get out of here and there are 30 other teams, so, chalk this up to wishful thinking/writers block.