4 Foolproof Tips for Betting on Super Bowl 54

Super Bowl 54 is coming! Not only does it attract many fans of football, but it is also a pot of gold for veteran Super Bowl bettors out there. The Super Bowl does not only excite the players themselves but also for the bettors looking for a fortune.

When betting on the Super Bowl, you have to be quite knowledgeable about the teams’ history, the outcome of the previous Super Bowl, and the circumstances behind their victories. Of course, these are not just the factors you have to know to win a bet in the Super Bowl.

Here are other foolproof tips you can follow to give yourself better chances in the Super Bowl betting lines.

Do your research

Some of the betting lines of the Super Bowl are quite ingenious if not outright random, like having to bet on what color the Gatorade will be thrown at the winning team’s head coach, or betting if one of the artists in the halftime show will wear a hat. If you want to win a bet on one of these wagers, you need to do some serious research.

One thing you can do is to learn more about the teams that will compete in the Super Bowl. This way, you will know who’s who is going to be in the tourney. Also, studying how the Super Bowl usually turns out will give you a significant advantage over your fellow bettors.

Using this knowledge and extensive information about the event will give you better odds. With that said, doing serious studies and research will help you. For example, looking at the stats of the previous Super Bowl can let you see the patterns and outcomes the event usually goes. With this, you can make significant predictions as to what will happen during the tourney. This may be an individual tournament that will have different outcomes, but there are enough factors for you to bet on.

Find recent information

Betting on the Super Bowl has quite a different feel than betting on regular-season games. One of the most significant differences is where and how you get your information.

You can go back as far as the middle of the season, where you can look up a team’s information like looking at their performance in a specific Monday night game or seeing their match history.

This is important as you’ll see how the team is faring in the regular season or how a specific player is doing in his recent match-ups. For example, instead of looking at a quarterback’s performance in his previous games, you can look at how he fared in the division games, wild card, and conference championship.

Don’t place too many bets

This is good advice, no matter what specific sport you are betting on. But in the super bowl latest lines, you need to remember it at all times as you can be tempted because there are just too many wagers to bet on.

Bookmakers like to take advantage of this opportunity by flooding the market with tons of betting games. Keep in mind, though, that just because there are many betting opportunities and having the money to do it, it doesn’t mean that you have to place tons of bets.

The Super Bowl event inspires bookmakers to make outlandish wagers, and this can go from your usual Gatorade color props to how many words the national anthem singer will miss while singing. We are not saying that you should not bet on them; you can, by all means.

If you are serious in looking for fortune during this event, betting on other lines such as spreads and totals will help you win more money. But if you are looking for the fun of it, you can do so by betting on the Super Bowl prop bets.

Don’t rely on numbers alone

Yes, you’ve done your research, and your research suggests this and that. It’s all right to know the stats for the Super Bowl, but relying on them too much can be a wrong move. Of course, to win bets in the Super Bowl, considering the stats you have obtained will be a defining factor in winning, but solely basing your bet on these numbers could also be the reason for your loss. Remember, every Super Bowl might only have a slightly different outcome, patterns, and winning circumstances, but it will still have changes both big and small. Those changes could more or less be the reason for winning a bet or losing it.


The Super Bowl is a fun event for both fans of football and bettors. There are many betting opportunities that you could partake with and enjoy. Just like any other betting games, luck is the primary factor in winning them, but with the right knowledge and statistics, you will have a significant advantage over your fellow bettors.