Join our LIVE Coverage of the 2020 NFL Draft (with special guest Mike Freaking Tice)

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It’s here!

After much consternation surrounding the 2020 NFL Draft, the league decided to fast forward to the year 3020 and hold the first (and hopefully last) ever virtual NFL draft! Think ‘Lawnmower Man’ with worse CGI.

The Vikings attempting to make it to the Super Bowl

Each year we here at purpleTERRITORY Media cover the first round of the NFL draft via a live show/chat/message board event (and then we typically have held a non-virtual Day2Draft Party somewhere out in the community).

Considering the state of reality right now, we’re going to forgo the Day2Draft Party, much to the disappointment to the… Me.

So, tonight you can catch myself (Joe ‘Don’t Call Me JJ’ Johnson, owner of, Kirby ‘Please Call me JJ’ O’Connor (Managing Editor of Writer/Draft (S)Expert), DeShawn ‘Enter Joke Here’ Vaughn (Senior Writer purpleTERRITORY Media), as well as some special guests like former Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Tice (Host of ‘Odds and Ends w/ Mike Tice‘), Sean Borman (Managing Editor of and Joe Oberle (Editor of purpleTERRITORY Media/Co-Host of ‘Morning Joes’).

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