Online Gambling Sponsorships in NFL Set to rise

Whilst for the most part laws around gambling in the USA continue to remain tightly controlled, one bright spot for the industry is the National Football League (NFL).

In recent times, the NFL has progressively softened its stance on gambling, presumably thanks to growing awareness around the potentially lucrative nature of the business. From allowing fans to gamble inside stadiums to sponsorships being proposed, times are certainly changing in the NFL with relation to gambling.

Online gambling is bigger business than ever, with portals such as providing players with invaluable information on how to enjoy the many and varied online offerings.

In this article, we will take a look at online gambling sponsorships in the NFL and how they are set to rise.

Let’s get started with a look at recent developments in relation to gambling and the NFL.

The current state of play: Gambling and the NFL

Though many states in the US continue to outlaw gambling of any kind, things do appear to be shifting. In particular, the NFL has made recent changes to its policy around partnerships between teams and sportsbook operators.

Back in February 2020, the NFL ruled that franchises could begin to sell venue advertising space and online space to gambling companies in the future. In states where gambling is legal, teams will be permitted to offer fans betting lounges where mobile gambling is promoted.

Although the move is far from a wholesale rethink, the news definitely bodes well for gambling companies.

Executive vice president of the organization, Chris Halpin, said: “Our marks and brands have real value for that business, and the sportsbook operators are very savvy about how to use them, especially digitally.

“We’re going to test and see what the learnings are from the teams. There are four key objectives for the NFL when it comes to legal sports betting: integrity, brand, fan engagement, and commercial opportunity.

“The right balance is allowing clubs to create meaningful partnerships, while not taking unneeded brand risks or alienating some fans.”

Back in 2018, many teams took advantage as the NFL ruled that official casino partners would be permitted. Franchises including the Baltimore Ravens, Dallas Cowboys, Las Vegas Raiders and many more all decided to make deals swiftly.

The future for gambling sponsorships and the NFL

As the laws around gambling continue to be redrawn across the USA, it is surely a matter of time before the relationship between the NFL and gambling draws even closer.

The next obvious step will be stadium sports betting, with European style kiosks made available for fans to place bets within and around the stadium. This would provide a massive boost to the sports betting industry in the USA, which at the moment remains confined to online betting in only a handful of states where it is legal.

Overall, it can be said that online gambling sponsorships in the NFL are set to rise in the near future. The current situation is rosy, with new measures being announced almost yearly that make provisions for a tighter bond between sports betting and the NFL.