Minnesota Vikings Prospect Engagement Tracker: 2019

Image courtesy of Vikings.com

As part of the draft process each offseason, the Minnesota Vikings allocate 30 visits with NFL Draft prospects at their facilities. The Vikings, who generally schedule their top-30 visits for the first week of April, have already met with players at the Senior Bowl, the East-West Shrine, the Combine, and at their respective Pro Days.

Last year, the Vikings met with or talked to players such as Mike Hughes, Jeff Badet, Jake Wieneke and Holton Hill before selecting them in the draft or acquiring them as undrafted free agents. In 2017, the team got to know Pat ElfleinJaleel JohnsonDylan BradleyRodney AdamsElijah Leeand Eric Wilson.

The following list is composed of 2019 NFL draft prospects that have reportedly interviewed, worked out, or scheduled a private visit with the organization. The database will be continuously updated throughout April.


  • T30 = Top-30 visit
  • SB = Senior Bowl meeting
  • EW = East-West Shrine meeting
  • COM = Combine meeting
  • PRO = Pro Day meeting
  • PRI = Private workout
  • LV = Local visit


Running backs

Wide receivers

Tight ends

Offensive linemen

Defensive linemen




Special teams

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