Looking for FEE FREE Tickets to Vikings/Cardinals? Good News!

Image courtesy of Vikings.com

As you’ve probably noticed from our banners, we’re working with Ticket Club this season to provide the best-priced tickets in the industry! Ticket Club is a Fee-Free ticket provider and they typically charge $50 a year for their Premium memberships.

Fortunately, as our audience is the largest in the local/independent Vikings news/content game, we’ve negotiated a discount code for that membership to be FREE! You also have no obligation to renew after the 12 months!

We’ve worked with nearly every ticket provider/reseller in the game and the number one comment we received from our followers was that the fees were just too egregious (even if we were technically slanging the lowest cost tickets in town via our Discount Code(s)).

So, we wanted to go not only with the leader in ticket clubs but also one that’d waive their membership fee for the first-year so our readers can take advantage over and over again!

Click here to find the discount redemption page on TicketClub.com and use the discount code SKOLptsd to take advantage!


Ticket Club has tickets to EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE! So, you’ll receive fee free tickets no only to NFL games but also to concerts, plays and other events!

It’s a great company and a great offer that shows how much they value our audience, so we’re very proud to be able to offer this!