Load the Box: Giants Edition

In this week’s episode, Jack and Jordan take a look at last Sunday’s disappointing performance against the Chicago Bears. The Vikings are now 2-2 after having troubles on the offensive side of the ball. Tune in and listen to their takes on Kirk Cousins, Stefon Diggs and the state of the Minnesota Vikings. 


After they discuss the 16-6 loss to the Bears, they look into this week’s matchup against the New York Giants. The Giants are coming off their second straight win, after starting rookie quarterback Daniel Jones. Listen to the show to see if Jack and Jordan think the Vikings can slow down the rookie quarterback, and to see if they think Kirk Cousins will find success in the near future. 

Make sure to listen to the show next Wednesday for reactions on the game against the Giants, and what to look forward to the following Sunday against the Eagles. 

They forgot to pick who wins this showdown, so here are their predictions.

Jack: Vikings 31 Giants 20

Jordan: Vikings 31  Giants 9

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